Best UFO sightings of 3rd week of August 2013


New video footage of the most amazing UFO sightings recorded and published in the 3rd week of August 2013.

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  1. Richard Kostka

    we were at a campground on August 10, 2013 in Ferrisburgh Vermont, Button Bay State Park, at 2000hrs (8pm) my family witnessed our first ever UFO, and trust me when I tell you, it was a UFO. I never believed in UFO’s, but I certainly do now, what we saw, is now of this earth. We watched an amber colored perfectly round object apparently “falling” to earth at a very slow speed, like a Chinese lantern descending down toward the ground, it grew brighter and became larger at it neared the earth to within 100 feet, there were many campfires going, so we assumed someone had set off a Chinese lantern and it was merely out of air and falling to earth, but then, why would it be coming down if the flame is still burning bright. As more folks gathered to watch this event, we all began pointing at this object to show others what we were lokking at, which now that we think about it, it was obvious to the most casual observer what we were looking at. Well, as we began to point, it began to become quite a bit smaller, what we immediately realized was, this object was actually rising toward outter space at a pace which could only be described as, “much much faster than the speed of sound” yet, no noise, no propulsion noise, no breaking of the sound barrier, and within 20-30 seconds, this object went from approx 1000 feet above the campground, to out of eye sight and disapperaed til all you could barely see was the size of a pin prick, and gone. Nothing of this earth can possibly move with this speed and no noise, hands down I am forever convinced, this amber colored round object approx the size of a small airplane or medium sized airplane, was our first official 100% UFO sighting. I checked the internet when we returned home a week later, and found another article of someone describing the same exact object to a “T” that they sighted approx one week earlier in South Burlington VT, which is only a few miles from where we were.

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