Triangle – shaped UFO sighting found above Tampa, Florida on 5th July 2013

tampa-florida-ufo-july-2013New interesting video footage of a triangle – shaped UFO recorded while hovering above┬áTampa, Florida on 5th July 2013.

Witness said:
On July 5th, 2013 in Tampa, Florida I observed an unidentified flying object above the Veterans Expressway toll plaza. This is the video from that night…

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    I saw one Oct, the month after 9/11. It flew right over my head within touching distance on 7 Springs Road. It was at sunset when I first saw it. I saw it come in over the trees and dip down, as it dipped down I saw a cockpit with a figure at the controls. I stopped my car (got out) previous to it flying over my head. It was black Triangular with a satin like sheen. It was at least 100′ wide. I started to touch it when something in my head said don’t. The next thing I remember was seeing the rear end with 4 Hugh ovals with a Plasma like material inside them and bolts of lighting like energy inside, (it was totally dark/night; their was an observation deck and someone or something was staring at me staring at it. It moved to slowly for traditional craft, silent. I was in the Army and know Helicopters and worked for the Air force for 13 years. I know my aircraft, nor was it a balloon. After it got to the next set of trees and disappeared I got in my car pretty shook up and went straight home and proceeded to get Drunk. I didn’t talk about it for 2 years after.

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