Triangle-shaped UFO seen over Ontario, Canada on 26th July 2013

triangle-shaped-ufo-ontario-canada-july-2013Latest UFO sightings – New amazing video footage of a triangle – shaped UFO sighting recorded over Ontario, Canada on 26th July 2013.

Witness said:
Witness wishes to keep anonymous to this dramatic sighting captured on July 26, 2013 in northern Whitby, Ontario. This sighting was noted filmed at 10:10pm. Witness was driving west and noticed a series of multicoloured bright lights at about 1000 feet high. Distance would be approximately 3-4 kilometers north of position. Witnessed pulled over and filmed. The sighting lasted about five minutes. The witness continues to have constant UFO sightings in the same area. Possible contact taking place in examination.

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  1. Crystal

    I saw a triangle shaped UFO just like this on June 28th at around 11 pm over in drayton valley Alberta. First there was only one bright light, then one appeared to the right of the first light and then the other to the bottom of the second light. They went bright and expanded out like someone stretching and then went really bright then disappeared in order from right light to bottom light then finally the top light faded and dissapeared.

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