Things to have in mind when encounter a UFO to get best results

Things to avoid  

Do not use the camera of a phone. In case, a phone-camera is the only option one has, there an option to getting the UFO sighting; focus and concentrate on the UFO maximally, putting all senses together for a detailed observation. The first thing to do while observing is to make a mental note of time of the day, the location of the sighting the witness, as well as the weather conditions. Subsequently, take note of the objects characteristics such as the shape, colour, size, the direction of its travel and its intensity. The phone camera has a truly low power to capture a UFO object accurately. Even if the camera is highly powerful, it might have dirt on its lens due to pocketing and handling.

Many website contain multiples of ‘photos’ (swooshes), which are out focuses, pixilated and multicoloured.  People confidently refer to these images as their UFO sightings, when one can deduce nothing from it. A detailed description would even be better than having a splash as a UFO sighting. Others are introducing fake UFO sightings in a photo using the widely available photo editing applications.

The basic line is that the use of phone cameras to shoot a UFO objects has failed over time. Thousands of phone camera captured UFO objects are misleading and not useful at all. Only a few of them are sensible. Although some critics will argue that a phone camera image is better than nothing, there can not be a straight agreement with them- it is a no and a yes at the same time. In some instances, such photos only boost unnecessary mess to the pool of testimony, giving skeptics a wider chance of arguments. One should remember that the human eye stands out any camera despite their power. With human brains, the processing ability is better than a Smart phone’s. It is thus better use eyes than phone camera to capture a UFO sighting.

When to capture the UFO 

Assuming that one has an actual camera at the time of the UFO sighting, one should first and immediately enable its burst mode. One should avoid just taking many shots, but focusing on photos in 10…20…40 successions. Many shots (which are not successive) will only give a trajectory view of the object but also rule out the lazy entry level hoaxer, who will not spend time doctoring 20 individual photos.

More importantly, one should establish a clear frame of reference. For instance if the UFO object is floating above the horizon line, one should begin with a photo of the surroundings, including the horizon line and tree tops, as well as nearby landmarks and other important surroundings, which go a long to making the establishing photo. One should not worry in the case where the object is particularly small. One should consider, above all, the frame of reference which is crucial when analyzing a photo, for it determines many factors.

One should zoom in halfway and not all the way for the majority of cameras will track for a focus lock in a couple of seconds, while the target object may be moving away or vanishing. One should ensure to have midrange shots, changing the focus and firing other bursts. One should wash the images, rinse them and repeat.


Be relaxed and collected

One should look for solid structure and lean the body against it. It is vital to remember that even the most anti-shake cameras are not perfect, and thus, it is essential for one to ensure stability while shooting the sighting. The structure can be a post, wall, a street sign, and the roof of a car among others. Once one feels stable, and then this is the time to zoom in and take the money shot. The camera may take time while focusing on the distant object, but incase one is a camera whisper the focusing manually would be an option too. Most of the camera shoots are extremely complicated to focus manually. One should shoot on burst mode where and when possible. One should hold the camera tightly and remain calm and cool through out the shooting.

Luck is for the prepared

Tripod. Many camera people will not have a tripod in hand all the time. There comes a time when there is a need of it but it is not there. In a UFO sighting, one may not have time to set up a tripod since the sighting may not last for more than 30 seconds, which is not an enough time to set a tripod. Whatever the case, ones should have a film ready in the camera, for footage will be of higher resolution than a digital camera. One should have a camera always at disposal to avoid regret of lacking one in the event of a UFO sighting.

A shot in the dark

If it is dark during the UFO incident, this then becomes complicated for one to take a clear shot. If this happens, the first thing to do is to enable the night mode, the VR mode and steady shot in ones camera. One should remain steady and calm, and lean on a solid surface. One should restrict moving around for the more the movement the worse the focus.

The sound advice 

One should remain quite to allow recording of any sound from the UFO object. Many people will get overwhelmed and make overlapping noises, but it is advisable to remain calm and silent. The sounds of various UFO’s differ and thus easy to tell the UFO by hearing the sound. The sound is thus critical. What one is saying during the sighting may also differ from the recording. The verbal description can only be helpful during investigations.

Do not be deceived

One should spend good time analyzing the object in order to come up with a wide pool of conclusions about it. This will be vital if the sighting involves light pinpoint in the distance. One should not assume that what the camera gives is the accurate image. Cameras are not perfect and can lie.

The irony behind the truth

The world has believers and skeptics. There are many videos about UFO sightings flooding YouTube but are of poor quality. Many do not spend time watching such videos. People will only spend time on high definition UFO videos. The dilemma of this is that the higher the video quality, the higher the scrutiny. To sum it up, the higher the resolution the videos have the more people who will render it fake. It is thus essential to have eyewitnesses supporting the video metadata.

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