Roswell UFO incident 66 years later

roswell-ufo-incident-photo-1The Roswell incident date back to 1947 when reports of an object crushing Roswell’s vicinity filled the air. Roswell is in New Mexico. Some witnesses claimed the object was an abnormal terrestrial spacecraft and that it crushed with its occupants, who the military personnel later recovered. However, the U.S military had a different story: the object was a high –altitude surveillance balloon which belonged to ‘Mogul’, a classified program. The military also maintained that the recovered was only debris from the balloon. Up to date, many theorists still believe that the United States government tried to cover up the UFO incident.

In July 2, 1947, during the night, Mac Brazel among other ranchers reportedly heard a loud bang near Corona in New Mexico. The following day Mac Brazel found peculiar crash debris on grounds of the Foster Ranch. On the 5th July, same year, in the same town of Corona, Mac heard about 3000 US dollar rewards for any debris of the crashed object.

Later on July 6th 1947 Mac showed some pieces of the wreckage to the Sherriff of Chaves County, George Wilcox. The sheriff made several calls to the Army Air Field, talking to Major Jesse Marcel who was the intelligence officer as at that time. Major Jesse showed up at the sheriff’s office, inspecting the wreckage, joined by the commanding officer, William Blanchard, who ordered a recovery of the wreckage. The military police later collected the wreckage and delivered it to Blanchard. The ultimate destination of the wreckage was Washington.

On the 7th of Jul 1947, Marcel collected more wreckage, which he showed his wife and son very early that morning. They were pink-purple materials with lavender symbols in the center section.

roswell-ufo-incident-photo-2Waking to July 8, 1947, the AP wire had information on the crushing of a UFO. The flying saucer version of the story did not go unpublished. Paper from west and Midwest like Chicago Daily News, the Roswell Daily, the San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Herald published it.

Some papers published the cover up story including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.

Among the witnesses of the incident, were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot, who testified of an object that they believed was an UFO flying disc. They explained how the object papered in the sky while they were relaxing on their porch. This was at about ten o’clock, and the object went from the southeast towards the northwest direction, in a high speed. They could see the object for about 45 seconds only. From their estimate, the speed of the object was 400 to 500 miles per hour. The couple reported what they had witnessed.

On July 9, 1947, officer from the military got to Brazel questioning him over his findings and gave him a revised version of his findings. The military also recovered every piece of the original information and made Brazel visit a radio station to give the revised version of the story. The Roswell daily published the new version of the incident.

Later in 1970, Jesse Marcel exposed the weather balloon announcement as a cover-up by the military. He later in 2004/2007 wrote a detailed book on events of the incident.

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