Multiple UFOs appears over Des Moines, Iowa on 30th July 2013

iowa-ufo-sightings-july-2013Latest UFO sightings 2013 – New interesting video footage of multiple bright UFOs or orbs recorded while hovering in the sky over┬áDes Moines, Iowa on 30th July 2013.

Witness said:
Des Moines is the latest town in the U.S thats had a UFO appearance, one of many, and this footage taken in the early hours of the morning shows a group of bright lights flying in formation over the city. Sources description: Just about 9 pm on July 30th 2013 I spotted couple of stationary lights over East Des Moines, IA. Thinking nothing about it, but couple helicopters didn’t pay much attention Suddenly lights start to flicker like fireballs and objects started to climb higher in the sky as they vanished, I never saw anything like it before. Few minutes later more lights appeared creating a formation / group of lights that is when I started to record this sighting. Have you witnessed anything over Des Moines east of Omaha? Let us know!

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