Leaked UFO documents obtained by Edward Snowden

edward-snowden-ufoWith many evidences in place including UFO documents found by Snowden, it is clear that UFOs are in a highly advanced level compared to mankind. The government, however, is aware of this.

On the Friday of 5th July 2013, Snowden received asylum in Venezuela following the event that he possessed critical NSA surveillance documents. He also was the only source of such information (information on government secrets) to the world. Moreover, Snowden is very willing to share this information with the whole world.

Testifying of the Leaked UFO documents, Snowden was clear that the highest levels of government remained plan-less on how to handle the UFO’s. Even though the high level officials know that UFO’s are totally different from natural phenomena, or weather balloons, they still do not have a plan to handle the UFO’s. Given the opportunity and capability, Snowden said that the document would tell how certain these high officials are about how UFO’s are under the guidance of intelligence that is higher than human understanding.

Scientists are unable to access the data about these objects since the state considers ballistic missile and sonar tracking systems a top secret. However, according to contractors of DARPA, there exists a more intelligent and advanced species than Home sapiens (human beings). Snowden supports them and notes that it is possible, for the earth’s mantle condition remains stable even after billions and millions of years.

Further in his exposition, Snowden disclosed that outstanding and unexplainable UFO sightings were those of vehicles leaving the floor of the sea at hydrothermal vents and shooting directly towards the solar orbit.

Science show that extremophiles can thrive in different temperature somehow, unlike human beings, but them developing intelligence is not possible. Snowden disagreed with the argument that extremophiles’ intelligence develop faster than that of human beings. They confusion comes in because they do not have vicissitudes which plays a life impeding role in the surface, which in turn makes them seem to be faster than human beings.

Snowden also disclosed that the president communicates with them and thus gets updates every day on their activities. Analysts put it clearly that extremophiles’ technology is far much advanced than that of human beings. This is to mean that, in the event of any war between them and humans, chances are that they will win over us. Their brevity and technology gives them an upper hand.

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