Fast flying UFO over Greenwood Village, Colorado on 15th July 2013

colorado-ufo-july-2013Video footage of a fast bright UFO or orb recorded during a concertĀ at Fiddlers Green, Colorado onĀ 15th July 2013.

Witness said:
On July 15th 2013, a little after 9pm, at a concert at Fiddlers Green, with my husband, I noticed an object traveling very fast towards the venue from the Northwest. There had been several airplanes flying overhead occasionally, however, this did not look or move like a plane or a helicopter. Right after I noticed it, the craft slowed down and hovered for a few seconds, then it circled around back and forth on the West side of Fiddlers Green. I immediately thought it was something odd and turned my husbands attention to it so he could tell me what he thought. He also thought it was something odd, and not just a plane or helicopter. We had never seen anything identifiable move in all directions like that. When it was at its closest point to us we could both clearly see its green, blue, red and white lights pulsating and definitely saw it spinning. You can hear me say it in the video. I started recording after viewing it for about a minute and a half. The object seemed curious, as if it were scouting the area, particularly the venue we were at. After circling a couple of times it headed back Northwest out of our sight. I couldn’t decide if it was something military or something “not of this world”. I have been very interested in unexplained phenomenon for many years, so I have been excited and curious to find out what it is we actually witnessed, and if anyone else witnessed it. I was completely sober, unlike many of the people there at the concert, so my vision and perception of what I saw was definitely clear.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. chris

    I’ve noticed an object that sits stationary and seems to survey the city. It acts like a star, moving slowly as to not attract attention. When I looked at it closer (through binoculars) the first thing I noticed were the colors red, green, white and a turquois color that seem to have kind of a flash pattern going on. I watched it for about an hour just chill there until it vanishes out of sight to the west and to the north west the second time. I’m pretty sure that what you caught on video here is the same thing but a lot closer. I’ve seen this object twice in a matter of like 6 months but never seen it move this fast or as close. These thing’s are getting ballsy haha. Thanks for the video.

  2. chris

    It would be pretty funny to put a bunch of lights on an RC helicopter and fly it over a concert too though… How big do you think it was?

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