UFO fleet sighting over Glen Allen, Virginia on 14th June 2013

virginia-ufo-june-2013Witness said:
9:12 p.m I was walking to my car just after dusk when I immediately saw multiple glowing red spheres floating above the trees in a zig zag formation Northwest. I come from a family (4th generation) of fire fighters and was raised to never panic and always assess the situation. However, I panicked. I have never seen UFO’s nor did I really believe in them but for some reason, I knew right away these were UFO’s.

I threw down my bags on the side of the street and pulled out my Gopro Hero 3. The Gopro is horrible in low light but these spheres reminded me of burning red flares (I assume from the reflection of the sun). They were not planes because of the way they defied gravity and they did not follow conventional flight trajectory or emit any sound. They were beautiful.

I was alone and wanted to share this experience so I called my friend SNAIL (a good child-hood friend whose real name is Gary).

The brightest sphere assumed the top of the triangle where it remained as a “over watch.” Other UFO’s tilted under the top sphere and started to blink almost mimicking stars. What I wish the Gopro captured (you can kind of see them) was the sphere’s under the triangle obstructed by the trees. These UFO’s were the most active ones flying extremely low to the ground and very sporadic. At this point, I was pretty shaken up.

The lower spheres gradually elevated, joined and created a new formation, a star pattern. However, those dam trees obstructed the lower half of it so around¬†2:52¬†you can make out the top half of it. They became unified. I then saw one by one, flicker out of sight. The “over watch,” or the one that remained in the center of the formation, was the last to leave and burned the brightest went it left.

I wish I would have kept the camera still and film the exit but I couldn’t control myself. I knew they were leaving and wanted to follow in my car (dumb idea I KNOW).

I don’t want to sound loony on this comment but during the whole thing I knew they were watching me. I didn’t feel any hostile intentions. I was humbled and shocked by the mass numbers. When I think of UFO’s i think of ONE UFO farting around in the sky. For them to form such geometric formations and patterns so close to our capital, left me enlightened.

I hope I’m not the only one who saw this. After they were gone, I saw multiple airplanes circle around the area.

What do you think about the sighting?
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