UFO chased by military jet over Bonner Springs, Kansas on 26th June 2013

kansas-ufo-sighting-june-2013Witness said:
I was grilling last night, it was very HOT out, I remember thinking to myself, why did i even suggest I do this. I heard a BOOM sound, not like an explosion, almost like a sonic boom but softer.. Looking around the area, I see nothing. I look up into the sky and I see a jet with obvious contrails behind it, chasing a UFO? it left no trace of contrails and it seemed to really be moving. I grab my cell phone and take some photos, of what best photos I can. Then A second jet appears from the opposite direction, heading for the object head on. the Object seems to slow and move out of the way and the jets fly by and the object takes off again – I remember thinking to myself, what am i seeing here.. That has to be a jet.. but where are the contrails, and why does it slow down and take off so erratic, Oh my food was burning too. – unfortunately i was the only one around that seen it.


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