UFO caught from MIR window by a russian astronaut in 1999

mir-space-ufo-1999On February 20 1999, Jean-Pierre Haigneré was the first non-Russian to be launched as Soyuz on-board engineer to the Russian MIR Space Station on a mission called Perseus.

The experimental programme comprised the continuation of former French experiments from Cassiopée and Pegase missions, and new experiments from France, Germany and ESA in the field of life science, physics and biology.

Although no official statement has ever been released concerning the mystery object It has been suggested by some, that the anomaly is nothing more than a reflection of a water droplet from inside the Mir.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. Gunter Krebs

    It is not an UFO, it is an experimental lightweight deployable antenna reflector called “Reflektor” tested at the space station Mir. It was a joint Russian and Georgian project. During an EVA, two cosmonauts mounted the experiment on the Sofora mast and unfurled the Reflektor experiment, which was to test out technologies for large lightweight antenna reflectors. After the end of the experiment, it was jettisoned and drifted away.

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