Crop Circle discovered in Tennessee on 13th May 2013

tennessee-crop-circle-2013It was on May 13, 2013, which was on a Monday at 8AM, when a teenager got shocked on seeing a strange formation. The formation was in a hayfield that is next to his house, and the teenager had been inserting a letter from his mother into the mailbox in Tennessee. The formation was crop circle, which are commonly in UK, and hence it was strange to see one in America land. It was, therefore, important to first report in the state first.

According to Tim Blumberg who is 18, he could not imagine that he was witnessing such unbelievable object. Having been residing in place for a while, Tim knows what he and others see. Astonishment got him, on seeing a crop circle in the hayfield, which he had never seen before. The hayfield belongs to Connie Osborne who is 62 of age. She has been residing in gray since 1979.

The appearance according to her was quite unusual since, she could not see any trail or pathway, which could suggest that something or someone could have stepped, on the grass creating the cropping pattern. The formation of crop circle is by eight pieces of grasses.

Usually a far right partial ring faces towards the northwest. The ring contains 4-foot-wide curving, which is towards, the small inner circle. There is also a bar in the middle of the pattern, which connects with the southeast partial ring. The southeast partial ring has a 16-inch straight path, which is towards the ring’s small central circle. The observation by Osborne was that some of the grasses, which were forming the crop circle, were going clockwise while others were going counterclockwise.

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