Amazing UFO photos from Christchurch, New Zealand on 30th May 2013

UFO photos 2013 РAmazing UFO photos taken above Christchurch, New Zealand from Tracy Middlemiss on 30th May 2013.

Witness said:
Hi. Tonight I saw something that was white/silvery moving across the sky SE. It was too small and too slow to be a plane which are regulary going across my skies. I had my camera on a tripod and my remote plugged in so started taking some pics. These are what I got at this link here. I have resized each photo to get a clearer view. What do you think – could this be a UFO?

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  1. josematos

    Very good , have u tried using a magnifier to look at this pictures u can see something like people but a little different ,it could be one of the races that live inside the earth but that’s what I think .

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