Triangle – shaped UFO over Washington D.C on 12th May 2013


New UFO photo of a triangle – shaped UFO or orb while flying in the night sky aboveĀ Washington D.C on 12th May 2013.

Witness said:
We were walking through the woods at night. we were just looking in the sky and our friend pointed it out, out of nowhere. we thought it was an alien UFO ship or something. it was a black triangle shaped object and in the corner of all three edges of the triangle was a bright white light and it appeared literally out of nowhere and then drifted to the side before it stopped in mid flight and started to hover. Then its three triangular lights changed to one single bright white light then the one light disappeared. we were so scarred because we were in the middle of the woods and we started freaking out and yelling, it was terrifying. it just disappeared right in front of us!

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