Setting the Record Straight – The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Story

betty-barney-hill-ufo-storyAs the first widely reported case of Alien Abduction in the US, the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Story has undergone a great deal of scrutiny by investigators who refuse to believe it. Whether you accept the Hill’s amazing and compelling 1961 tale of abduction and physical examination by beings “somehow not human” or not, it’s clear some of the debunkers have gone far beyond the facts of the case in order to discount it. In an attempt to separate fact from fiction, Barney and Betty Hill’s niece exposes the most flagrantly false claims made by their critics, and tries to document the truth of the case, separating that from what has been written about it in the fifty years since. What remains is a possibility just as disturbing now as it was then.

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