Mermaid or Alien caught on tape in Greenland sea on 6th March 2013

mermaid-greenland-ocena-marc-2013Amazing video footage of a Mermaid heard and recorded in 3000 feet deep of the Greenland ocean on 6th March 2013.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. John Anthony mercer

    This, just like the 1st reporting of a mermaid is totally bogus. If ur seriously buying this garbage,please dont mention “UFO’s” in the same sentence because they’re actually real. The video’s they show of “mermaids” even LOOKs completely fake. I can’t believe there was a part 2!!! And does that so-called “Dr.” even have a JOB!?!? What an Joke,idiot,ect. I can keep goin… Anyway I’m gonna finish by just sayin that I’m embarrassed to even think that we the people give the idea that we can be so stupid to beleive such a thing. They who put these crappy shows together are probably working on their 1st “Bigfoot” documentary.

  2. sigit

    wooow amazing?

    This is real?

    whether it has been published by the authorities this discovery or the government still cover it up like a UFO?

  3. kiersten

    are we supposed to forget how that “window” is probably just a video screen?

  4. chan

    what do you think the sphynx at the Pyramid of Giza represents… half man half lion? Summerians have said that the Gods ( Aliens) have been manipulating our genes and mixed it with animal genes from the start. But those experiments didnt work the way they wanted it to work out…which is why legends of half man half horse; mermaids.. werewolfs..and mothman still exist because they all had some truth to them.. They couldnt control us how they wanted to.. so after failed experiments they decided to put 1% of their dna into us.. which is why the Bible says.. that “Man was created in the image of God “….image meaning the way we look..1% equals the apple also known as” the fruit of Knowledge”…transforming cavemen to Modern day man.”the missing link”. DNA manipulation “now that you have become like one of us, you can go back and work the ground from where you had been taken…. ” words from Genesis in the Bible You tell me what God ment when he says” have become like one of us? Who is “us” is question that will lead us to the truth ; never close your eyes to what may be the truth. never let someone tell you what to believe..make your own observations and make your own conclusions,,,

    • Mary Cook

      I completely agree with you, and I have a hard time getting others to understand or even welcome the knowledge of any of this..

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