Famous UFO cases: Redlesham forest UFO incident

In the late December 1980, there were sequences of reports concerning on sightings of mysterious lights and alleged landing of a craft of unknown origin in the Redlessham forest. The different sequence sightings are the Rendlesham   Forest Incident. According to some Ufologists, the incident is a popular UFO event among the other events that have ever happened worldwide. In many cases, it compares with the Roswell incident, which was in the U.S.A, thus the name Britain’s Rosewell.

The Ministry of defense (MoD), however, said that there were no chances of any insecurity due to the incident. They went ahead to state that it was not a security matter. The proof found later showed that there was a considerable MoD involvement, hence leading to claims of a cover-up. To some, it was part of a lager pattern of information repression on the real nature of the unknown, flying objects, by both the British and the United States governments. The release of the file in 2001, however, only had on the internal communication and responses to inquiries from the public. This was enough to confirm whether the incident emerged with any seriousness due to the lack of in-depth investigation.

redlesham-forest-UFO-incidentThe Forest Commission is the owner of the forest, with 15 square kilometers or 3700 acres of coniferous plantation covering. Interspersing it is health land, wetland and broadleaved belts areas and is in the Suffolk County. The occurrence of the incident took place within the vicinity of two military bases. The bases include; the RAF Woodbridge that goes into the forest from the west together with the RAF Bentwaters, which is in the north of the forest

 During this time, the United States Military air force was using both of the bases. They were, therefore, under wing commander Colonel Gordon E. Williams. The commander at the base was Col Ted Conrad, whose deputy was Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt. The memo written by halt’s and his involvement in the sighting’s second night has given the credibility of the case.

Main events of the incident, which include the hypothetical landing, were in the forest, at about a mile east of the RAF Woodbridge. The Orford Ness lighthouse was approximately five miles east of the location. There have been several maps published by the commentators, of the various locations, and Google maps have the up to date aerial view of the region.

The events, according to the retired Sgt. John Burroughs (LE) happened in three successive December nights of 1980; 25th-26th, 26th -27th and 27th –28th. The memo by Halt, which is one of the primary proof suggests 27th other 26th as the first date. This not only brought confusion at that time but also to the later researchers. For instance, the MoD’s research and analysis of contemporary radar records

The strange lights, ported by a security patrol that was near the east gate of the RAF Woodbridge mark the night of 26 December 1980. The event tool place at around 3a.m, and the Servicemen at first thought it was a downed aircraft. They then got into the forest to investigate, where they saw a strange light, which was moving through the trees, and a bright light that came from an unknown object. The local police received a call to the scene some minutes after 4.00am.

The police, however, reported that they only saw the light from the Orford Ness lighthouse that was some miles away to the coast. Even though the place was an arable farm and hence had no animals, some of the reports given claim that the local farmyard animals were behaving in a state of fear. There were also three Servicemen sent to do an investigation. They came upon a bright and triangular object that was hovering in the woods silently, a number of feet to the ground.

The metallic object was conical in shape and suspended in a yellow mist. The object was hovering over the trees clearing and had a pulsating red and blue circle of light that was above it. One of the Servicemen made detailed notes of its appearance, copied the many symbols on its body and managed to touch its “warm” surface. A witness made a claim of seeing a landing gear of the object, triangular in shape, which left three impressions on the ground on the next day.

Unfortunately, there was threatening and debriefing of the pilots. They had an order to sign documents that were vowing silence. One of them claimed to have signed on a document that was claiming the UFO to be a lighthouse, under imparted force. Some reports gave a suggestion that they got the order to keep silent, with the warning “bullets are cheap”. The claim of Lieutenant Colonel Halt, in a 2008 interview for U.S. news channel CNN, was that to date he has not at been debriefed over the incident at any point  in his life.

 The Servicemen went back after daybreak on the 26 December morning, to the miniature clearing which was the object scene. They got three-minute impressions in a triangular pattern, together with broken branches of the nearby trees and the burned marks. They also took Plaster casts of the imprints, publicized in the television documentaries. The local police officers received a call at 10.30a.m, to observe the impression on the ground, which to them could have been of an animal.

In morning hours of 28 December 1980, the Servicemen returned to the spot with radio detectors even though there is a dispute in the significance of the readings they were able to obtain. Lt Col Charles I. Halt, the base deputy commander, made a personal investigation of the sightings and made a record of the events on a micro-cassette recorder. His investigations were next to the eastern edge of the forest.

The public first became aware of the report on the incident on 2 October 1983, when its publishing made, in the tabloid newspaper News of the world. It was at the course of this research that there was an observation of a flashing light, which was across the field to the east. There were also star-like lights in the sky to the south and north, with brightness, which appeared to beam down a steam of light time to time.

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