Famous UFO cases: Nazi UFOs

nazi-ufos2There have been claims that Nazi Germany attempted to develop advanced space craft before and during World War II. These advanced spacecrafts have come to be referred to as Nazi UFOs. Although there is no real evidence, the stories are associated with an ideology called esoteric Nazism. The ideology proposes the restoration of Nazi by supernatural means. This, however, is an unlikely possibility.

The earliest claim of sighting of Nazi UFOs was reported in the early 1950’s in an Italian newspaper. Later a German engineer gave two interviews in which he claimed that he had designed an aircraft that was being powered by circular plane of rotating turbines. He went ahead to say that the designs had been stolen. There were several discrepancies in the two interviews he gave which led to a lot of confusion as no one was able to verify the truth. In 1953, another German engineer by the name of Georg Klein claimed that he had seen designs of a non-rotating disk and a disk which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a fixed cockpit. He went further and identified the designs. There was an aeronautical engineer who claimed that the only crafts that could be attributed to flying saucers were those which were being designed by German at the end of the war.

Later claims went ahead to say that the society had come into contact with aliens and they were building the Nazi UFOs in an attempt to reach the aliens. When the Nazis were defeated this society moved to the Antarctica where they later vanished. Another claim is that the Germans collaborated with Axis powers i.e. Italy and Japan in advanced craft research. It goes ahead to state that the Germans had landed on the moon as early as 1942.

During the war the German had come up with technology that they used in creating their weapons and even aircrafts. They had superior aircrafts than the Allies. At the end of the war there were claims that the Germans had developed a secret superior weapon. Therefore, when the war ended the allies raided the Germans laboratories and did secret testing of the flying saucers hence the sightings of the Nazi UFOs.

nazi-ufosMany of the reports of Nazi UFOs can be traced back to a book written by a man named Rudolf Lusar. He had been a major in a German army technical unit. In his book, he claimed that a German engineer together with several other engineers one who was an Italian had been working on several disc shaped crafts. He also claims that one of the crafts was tested, and it reached an altitude of 39 000 feet in less than three minutes.

The man who probably took the research of Nazi UFOs seriously is a man named Nick Cook a respected aviation journalist. He visited most of the places mentioned in Rudolf Lusar’s book. He was able to connect the stories of Nazi UFOs designers to a man called Victor Schauberger. Nick Cook was able to verify that Victor was in fact one of the engineers. He concluded that if in fact Victor had been successful then his crafts had created an anti-gravity effect.

The truth about the Nazi UFOs remains a mystery although experimentation with the concept within the Reich is extremely possible.

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