Best UFO sightings videos of May 2013

ufo-sightings-may-2013If you didn’t read it perviously, here is the best UFO sightings posts of May 2013 published on our website.

Alien creature caught by Curiosity, Mars in May 2013

Giant UFO sighting over Lake Titicaca, Peru in May 2013

Mars Rover records UFO in the Mars Sky in May 2013

UFO near airline over UK on 4th May 2013

Huge UFO over Guadalajara, Mexico on 06th May 2013

UFO sighting over Haleah, Florida on 12th May 2013

UFOs filmed over Fresno, California on 15th May 2013

Bright UFO over La Plata, Argentina on 18th May 2013

Multiple daytime UFOs over Los Angeles, California on 18th May 2013

Local fishermen recorded an UFO over Omaha, Nebraska on 18th May 2013

Triangle – shaped UFO over Rome, Italy on 26th May 2013

Stunning UFO hovering above Wrightwood, California on 26th May 2013

UFO recorded from airplane flying over Iran on 30th May 2013

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