UFO sighting over Roseville, California on 26th April 2013

roseville-ufo-april-2013Latest UFO sightings – New video of two bright UFO lights in the night sky above┬áRoseville, California recorded on 26th April 2013.

Witness said:
Was driving home from dinner and saw what looked like helicopters flying over a field. Turned out to be something different. Sorry about the quality. It was shot on iphone. I tried to focus better halfway through, but it didnt help too much.

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  1. wa

    r/c airplanes, jet, chopper, and ufo probably 1 of each type of r/c toy!

  2. Joni

    I saw the same two objects that evening as well near Hwy 65 and Sunset out towards Lincoln. My video isn’t as clear as yours.

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