UFO sighting over Peru mountains on 23rd March 2013

peru-ufo-sightings-2013-marchUFO sightings 2013 – New interesting video footage of an UFO or orb flying over Peru mountains on 23rd March 2013.

As you can see this UFO or orb disappears several times while filming.

Witness said:
When I noticed it I stared at if as it moved along the top wall of the building…just 1 meter from the building itself. For 3-5 seconds I asked myself what it was? It looked like a bubble a child blew but 20% of it was greyish and 20% was whitish…the other 60% was clear but shiny like a bubble. It was only about 4 inches across, the size of an orange. When I realised it was an actual orb, I leaped at my camera and flipped it around catching only a white spec because it bolted away. I think I scared it as much as it surprised me. The video is the second one down below. The video below however is fantastic, what I’m saying is this orb is 100% real.

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