Two UFO lights above Quebec, Canada on 17th November 2012

quebec-ufo-lights-2012Interesting video footage of two UFO lights flying above Quebec, Canada recorded on 17th November 2012.

Witness said:
On the morning of November 17, 2012, at around 9:20, our family were driving from Ottawa to Montreal and we saw a BIG amount of birds in the sky (I would say around Hudson or Rigaud, QC). I took a few photos (7) and this small video taken with my phone. But when I looked at the photos and the video a few days later, I noticed those two bright lights. We didn’t see that when I was taking the photos/video – it was too bright. We were only amazed in how many birds there were in the sky that morning and they seemed to be everywhere in the sky. We were our family of 5 in the car that day.

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