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One of the most mysterious appearances in the history of mankind is UFO. The evidence of such appearances dates back to as early as 1940s when there were sightings of flying saucers, also referred to as flying discs. Evidences of random sightings of these saucers in many parts of the world were reported. But the appearance began to change in 1950s, as the shapes of these flying objects were not limited to discs anymore, but appeared in weird shapes and sizes. And in 1953 US air force replaced the term flying saucer with unidentified flying object or the UFO because of different shapes and sizes.

Since 1940s till now, there are reports of many UFO sightings discovered in different parts of the world. But with state of the art developments in the air force technology and military air crafts around the world, it started to become difficult to make out the differences between a real UFO and man made aircraft. The reason being, most countries keep the development of military air crafts secret from common people. When military experimental air crafts are seen during test operations, people tend to mistake its identity with UFO. There are many cases where governments of some countries have claimed that the mysteriously appearing UFOs are their own experiments.

Most natural phenomenon that occurs in skies are often mistaken with alien activities. And there are many events where space debris were mistaken by our own satellites as alien UFOs. But there are certain evidences that makes us hard to say they are not alien air crafts. One such popular evidence is crop circles that occurred during UFO sightings. These crop circles remain unexplained by scientists till date, and that has convinced people to believe it is an alien activity. Circles of different patterns were found in crop fields around the world. They are all random designs seems like some sort of some indications, but hard to say what. Are they signals from outer space? Well, there are no theories so far to prove that.

Ever since the existence of internet and smart phone technology, many evidences were published on several video websites that clearly show some UFO sightings. But unfortunately, there are man made UFOs to fool people too. Youngsters take the opportunity of creating some fake UFO life objects, make them fly and record the video to publish them as evidence of UFOs. Recently few students used led lights with gas balloons and set it off in the sky. They recorded video of them and published claiming they are UFOs. Most people believed it to be true too, and the video got amazing responses. Later two college kids came forward in accepting it was their trick.

Due to several natural and man made phenomenon, it has become really hard to differentiate between the real and fake UFOs. It has been scientifically proven that aliens do exist and so do the UFOs. Because human technology has developed so much that they can make air crafts look more advanced than UFOs, it is simply not possible for normal people to identify which one is real UFO. The day will come when our planes will be so advanced, UFOs will easily merge with the crowd in the sky and we won’t even know.

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