April 2013

Stanton Friedman: Alien contact – Are we ready?

  Maybe we’re just not ready for the UFOs to arrive. It’s possible the aliens know this and have so far kept their distance. Are we prepared to no longer be Alpha Dog, a step down on the food chain, an inferior civilization in the face of one which can travel across the vastness of […]

UFO truth is out there

  UFO enthusiasts are calling on the US government to end what they say is a truth embargo over the existence of alien life. They have gathered at a conference in Washington DC to share their stories of extraterrestrial sightings and provide evidence they say is too strong to deny.

UFO sighting over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in April 2013

  UFO sightings – New video footage of a strange UFO or orb hovering in the night sky above Rio de Janeiro recorded in the beginning of April 2013. Witness said: A UFO that is tilted Sideways throughout a 3 minute Video scrubs out an RC Toys and Drones appeared over the famous hills of Rio De Janeiro […]

UFO over Surry, Virginia on 17th April 2013

  UFO sightings – New interesting video footage of a flying object or orb above Surry, Virginia recorded on 17th April 2013. Witness said: On April 17, 2013 at around 2053 hours I was scanning the skies with a thermo imaging camera I notice a object that appeared to be a boomerang coming from the west […]

Brian O’learly: Alien disclosure by NASA astronaut & Princeton professor

  Dr Brian O’Leary was born on January 27th, 1940 and past away on July 28th, 2011 shortly after making a big statement. He was a member of the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August of 1967. The members of this group were known as the scientist-astronauts. Dr O’Leary received a bachelor […]

Bright UFO light over hospital in Belfast, Ireland on 25th April 2013

  New video footage of some bright UFO lights above the roof of a hospital Belfast, Ireland published on 25th April 2013. Witness said: UFO appears over a hospital in Belfast which actually has its own replica UFO displayed outside the hospital, Recorded by Tony from a 3rd floor building.

UFO sighting over Roseville, California on 26th April 2013

  Latest UFO sightings – New video of two bright UFO lights in the night sky above Roseville, California recorded on 26th April 2013. Witness said: Was driving home from dinner and saw what looked like helicopters flying over a field. Turned out to be something different. Sorry about the quality. It was shot on iphone. […]

UFO sighting over Vancouver, Canada on 28th April 2013

  Recent UFO sightings – New amazing video footage of a bright UFO flying above Vancouver, Canada recorded on 28th April 2013. Witness said: In-house recording of a UFO incident during live a YouTube broadcast from April 28, 2013, offers slow motion and motion-stabilized views of this remarkable event.