The Battle of Los Angeles – February 1942

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Hello Earthlings! Here on we like to keep you fine people informed of the most current news out there in the big wide world as it pertains to you-know-what, the ol’ lights in the sky. But what I think we’ve been lacking so far, in my humble estimation, is the historical tales of yesteryear. We didn’t just start seeing floating orbs in the sky in the era of youtube videos, my earthling friends. No, no! By no means! There’s a long list of material from bone fied sources, that, hear you me, sound like good smackers of evidence, you know? Yeah, you know…

Anyway, so I figured I would start a new column called, HALL OF FAME, in which we’ll look at some of the more historic encounters of the varied kind.

Fbattle-of-los-angelesor starters, I wanted to start out with a bang. This one is really a standout experience because there’s no getting around it: when the military gets involved, when the government is sounding a county wide alarm, that’s when you know things are serious. Since we’re talking about the 40’s here, at the end of the day, when this thing is called a bad case of “weather balloon phobia” I guess that doesn’t come off as clichéd as it does in our day in age. Nowadays, if I hear that a sighting is written off as another weather balloon, I just roll my eyes (well, it’s kinda hard for us aliens to roll our eyes, but we do this thing that’s more like a series of blinks that  means the same things as you humans say for ‘rolling the eyes’). I mean, come on! Come up with a better excuse than that! That’s the oldest one in the book! Back again, this was 1942 and your human governments weren’t so used to writing off fires in the sky yet, so I reckon ‘weather balloon’ sounded novel back then. Anyway, back to the story at hand…

You have to realize that this little episode took place roughly two months after the Japanese attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor, thus rushing the Yanks into the war. So, those American folks are all touchy-feely, afraid of getting bombed on the West Coast like the Hawaiian islands did in December. So, at 3:16am, February 25th 1942, all of the sudden an alarm sounds throughout the streets of Los Angeles, California. We’re talking about the biggest city on the West Coast. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the same type of alarms that we’re going off nightly in London, preparing the Brits to duck-and-cover from Nazi bombs falling from the sky, goes blaring throughout the town. And not only that: the government puts out a county wide ban on lights. There’s a blackout called. Why?!! Because there’s a mysterious force floating in the skies above the town!!! So, because of an UFO, millions of people in the middle of the night are awaken by sirens, followed by orders to turn out all the lights in your house. Freaky, no?

And then comes the mortar shells. The American military starts unleashing their gattling guns on this mysterious object! For like 4 hours this goes on. Over 1,400 12lb shells are volleyed into the air at this thing.

The next day all the newspapers run headline stories about this “Battle of Los Angeles” with the common man suspecting that the war of the Pacific has finally come to American soil. There’s really no word on what this battle is all about for many months, until slowly the word starts coming through the grapevine that the whole thing was just balloon mumbo-jumbo. Hogwash!

Check out the image from the American Air Force Annals that I’ve lovingly taken from wikipedia.

Of course, also, the movie, Battle: Los Angeles is kinda sorta taken from this incident and expanded upon, obviously.

What happened that night that caused 2,000,000 Los Angeles folks to have to turn off their lights and wait for the military to pound the sky with shells? Who knows?

I am Zim.

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