UFOs over Cape Coral, Florida on 12th February 2013

cape-coral-ufo-sightingsThis story is just a new followup story on the recent UFO lights over Cape Coral, Florida UFO.

Witness said:
Are UFOs being discovered in the Cape? A video shot by a Cape resident says yes. It was shot during the Coconut Festival by Cape resident Jeremy Rebstock on his cell phone. You can see a few burning lights in the sky moving slowly from east to west. Bob Buehler and his wife were leaving the festival when he noticed the very same thing. “Up in he air I would say 20 of them, a little group of 3 or 4,” said Buehler. Buehler is still shocked at what he saw and says he’s never seen anything like it. In fact, he’s started this facebook page and the comments are flowing. “I think it was an actual UFO,” said Buehler. So what was in the Cape Coral sky last night that caught so much attention? Well, there are folks that contacted us other than Bob Buehler that say this was indeed a UFO.” Meet Cape resident Eric Sellers. He also took a video but it was taken the night after the Cocunut Festival near Santa Barbara. We asked the city’s event coordinator of the festival if he heard of the UFO sightings and he has but, “I’m hoping that they were able to get a ticket I beleive we had a spectacular show and they probaly had a great time,”said Todd King.

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