The Lights Over Phoenix

The Phoenix Lights, sometimes referred to as “The Lights over Phoenix” was an unidentified flying object event that occurred on March 13, 1997. There were two events that were observed by witnesses that night. One event which was witnessed by many observers was the formation of a flying “V” shape through the Nevada and Arizona night sky. The event was seen by many eye witnesses and was captured on both still and moving film. This first event was then followed by a second event, the sightings of lights apparently hovering over the Phoenix area. The events have garnished so much attention for people around the world that they were called the number 1 UFO event caught on tape by Dateline NBC.

At approximately 7:30 pm Mountain Standard Time people began to see a formation of lights in a “V” shape over the skies of Nevada. There is very little photographic evidence of the sightings over Nevada air space, however those who saw the event reported that the lights were all part of on very large “V” shaped object flying through the sky.

phoenix-lights1After the initial sightings in Nevada the lights then began to travel into Arizona and the Phoenix area. The sightings in the Phoenix area gained the most amount of attention due to the large population center in the area. The events over the Phoenix sky are broken down into two different portions. The first portion is the sightings of the “V” shaped light formation which was seen and photographed by many in the Phoenix area. The second portion is the nine hovering lights that were seen over the Phoenix sky. This second event occurred at around 10 PM Mountain Standard Time and came in and out of view serval times throughout the next 30 minutes.

While the second event remained over the Phoenix area, the first event continued to be seen throughout the night as it continued to move along its 300 mile course. The last sighting of the lights was at 10:30 PM Mountain standard time. These lights have been attributed by many to air force jets flying overhead and flares. However, many of the whiteness of the lights that occurred over Phoenix that night claim to have seen the outline of ship when they were looking at the lights.

The Phoenix lights again appeared overhead in 2007 and 2008. In 2007 lights were seen in the same formation as those lights that were seen in 1997. A local television station was able to record these lights when they occurred. The lights were later described by the air force as flares. In 2008 witnesses reported seeing a straight line of lights that then changed shape into a diamond formation. This event was again captured on film by Phoenix residents. The air force later reported that there was no air force activity over Phoenix on the night of the 2008 event.

The Phoenix lights are one of the most memorable and fascinating UFO encounters in United States history. With so many questions still revolving around the event it will take many more years of research to figure out exactly what happened over Phoenix that night.

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