Roswell UFO incident

Photo by: wikipedia.orgThere are many reports that individuals have compiled to explain citing of UFOs in various parts of the world. However, the Rosewell UFO incident appears to be genuine as numerous evidences have been presented by persons that claim to have actually seen the debris of the crushed UFO spacecraft. An extraterrestrial object was allegedly reported to have crushed near Rosewell, New Mexica between the month on June and July 1947.

Eye witness
Apparently, the debris material of the crushed space craft was discovered by Mac Brazel who was a ranch owner at the time of incident. Brazel reported that he discovered a strange metal scattered across a wide area where he tended. Since he was intrigued by the strange nature of the scrap, he took its sample to the authorities in Roswell. The nature of the material bewildered Colonel Blanchard too, who was then the commanding officer at RAAF. The Colonel ordered his men to conduct an investigation into the mysterious incidence. Something strange must have been discovered since Col. Blanchard ordered the area be protected and the debris be sent to the Army headquarters that was situated in Fort Worth, Texas.

Conflicting statements
Before the matter was forwarded to the intelligence headquarters, the Army commandant at Roswell summoned the press and issued a statement claiming that the army base had recovered a “flying disk”. This was the name that was given to UFOs then. A few moments later, this information was retracted and another conflicting statement issued later at a press conference Fort Worth. The new information released at Fort Worth stated that army and intelligence officers at Roswell had earlier misidentified a downed balloon for a UFO. They claimed that the debris was in fact a balloon that had metallic radar reflector which apparently raised the curiosity among those who first saw it. With this counter information, the public interest on a probable UFO crash faded, making the Roswell incident just one among many UFO hoaxes.

wather-balloonUFO story revived
Thirty years later, the UFO incident at Roswell was revisited when Jesse Marcels publicly commented on the strange material retrieved from the crush site. Major Marcel, who was involved in the initial survey of the crash site, expressed his belief that the US military had covered up the retrieval of an alien spacecraft. This story brought the UFO debate back to life and many researchers documented the event with interviews from people who were said to witness the strange event. Since then, the government has always quashed any UFO story with a “weather balloon” crush citing. However, given the evidence from the person who say the crushed “disc” and the first press release by the Colonel at Roswell immediately after the occurrence, it follows that the “weather balloon” story is just a cover-up by the government to downplay the probability of existence of extraterrestrial life.

In 1980, there were additional witnesses that provided newer details about the incident. There were even claims of massive military operations that were carried on more than 11 alien crash sites and recovered bodies. However, witnesses are said to have been intimidated by government agencies.

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