February 2013

Young boy talks about seeing multiple UFOs

  UFO videos – Video footage of a young boy telling the experience of seeing multiple UFOs. The details, distances, altitudes, directions and all other details are rather amazing. Even this video is few years old it’s realy amazing.

UFO shoots while Jeep review recording in Sweden in February 2013

    Latest UFO sightings – UFO shoots while Jeep review recording in Sweden in February 2013. While watching the video you could see at about 7-8 second a strange UFO at an incredible speed that goes unnoticed above the speaker. A close up view shows that the object have a diamond or disk – like […]

The Lights Over Phoenix

  The Phoenix Lights, sometimes referred to as “The Lights over Phoenix” was an unidentified flying object event that occurred on March 13, 1997. There were two events that were observed by witnesses that night. One event which was witnessed by many observers was the formation of a flying “V” shape through the Nevada and […]

Mantell UFO Incident

  The Mantell UFO incident is one of the most well known UFO reports. Its ended up with the death of Captain Thomas F Mantell on 7th January 1948 as he was pursuing a UFO. After Mantell’s death, it was noted that there was an encounter with a flying saucer and this had the public […]

Crop Circles

  Crop circles are unique phenomena that are typically made in a farmer’s field. They are formed when an area of crops have been flattened in the form of a circular or other type of pattern. Many people associate crop circles with alien life forms, paranormal activity, weather related events or aircraft. The first reported […]

UFO videos recorded over San Antonio, Texas on 23th February 2013

  UFO videos – Recent video footage of a fast UFO orb above San Antonio, Texas on 23rd February 2013. Witness said: An UFO orb was captured on videotape over San Antonio, Texas. This day clouds were covering the sky above me. As I was skywatching in the north direction, I noticed this orb traveling at high […]