Crop Circles

crop-circles1Crop circles are unique phenomena that are typically made in a farmer’s field. They are formed when an area of crops have been flattened in the form of a circular or other type of pattern. Many people associate crop circles with alien life forms, paranormal activity, weather related events or aircraft.

The first reported modern crop circle was found in Tully, Australia by a farmer who claimed that a flying saucer rose up from his swampy part of his land. After exploring the area where the UFO was reportedly spotted he noticed that the grass had been flattened in a circular pattern. This place became known as the Tully Saucer Nest. Ever since this event was first reported in 1966, crop circles started to appear in different parts of the world. Throughout the 1970s, England was the primary place where crop circles were commonly sited. The United States, Australia, various parts of Europe and Russia were different regions of the world where crop circles constantly appeared.

crop-circles4UFO sightings became more widespread during the middle part of the 20th century. Starting in the late 1940s and lasting all the way until the end of the 1990s people had reported seeing UFOs and encountering aliens all over the world. The height of these sightings occurred during the 1960s and the 1970s. This was especially true during the 1970s. Many people were already exposed to the possibility of alien life forms and crop circles were just another part of the folklore. New Age groups, cereologists groups and UFOologists were common during this time period. They made it a point to try and connect the crop circles to beings from different dimensions as well as different worlds.

Many people believed that aliens created crop circles whenever they landed their ships onto Earth into a farmer’s field. They also believe that extraterrestrial beings used invisible laser beams from space to make the circles as well. Some individuals have also drawn the conclusion that psychic energy is responsible for the designs in the fields. Ghosts and demonic creatures have also been associated with the creation of crop circles. An old woodcut legend was created in 1678 and it shows a demonic creature (presumably the devil) creating a crop circle. This depiction is considered one of the earliest recordings on this type of activity though it wasn’t a widespread occurrence during that era.

crop-circles2In 1991 two men known as Doug Bower and Dave Chorley had professed to the world that they were responsible for most of the crop circles that appeared in different places all over the globe. Most people honestly do believe that the vast majority of crop circles are a hoax but they also state that a few of the crop circles were not made by people. The reason for this conclusion has to do with the way that the patterns were formed and how the grass was flattened as opposed to just being cut. Even though crop circles are not as common as they used to be in the past, the ones that now appear are more complex in design than just mere circles.

The following information about crop circles should also be stated as well. Some people were able to make a profit off of the crop circle phenomenon during the 1970s. Many people came from all over the world to see them first hand. Landowners charged people money to see and experience the mystical crop patterns. This could be one reason as to why crop circles became so popular for a relatively long period of time. By the year 2013 crop circles were no longer relevant and though they still appear every now and then most people just ignore them.

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