December 2012

Multiple sightings of UFOs captured in San Antonio, Texas on 28-Dec-2012

  Multiple videos of a daytime activity over San Antonio, Texas filmed on 28-Dec-2012. Witness reported: December-28-2012 multiple U.F.O Sightings were captured on video over San Antonio,Tx…This day i manage to capture some amazing U.F.O footage..Here is a short video of clips,as they happened that day..On this video you will clearly see these U.F.O’s and […]

Disc-shaped UFO over Sydney on 27-Dec-2012

  Video of a large disc-shaped object flying across the daytime sky above Sydney in Australia. Recorded with night vision technology webcam on Thursday, 27th December 2012.

UFO across a park in Thailand, 27-Dec-2012

  A Thailand news reportet about a UFO over a park in Thailand. In the video you could see o disk shaped object flying low over the trees. Many people were there that saw it and also filmed and took photos of the UFO. The videos were taken with phones. You will seen the UFO […]

Bright UFO hovering above San Antonio, Texas 24-Dec-2012

  This strange UFO was seen and recorded in the night sky above San Antonio in Texas on 24-Dec-2012. Witness reported: December-24-2012 Two glowing Red/Orange ORBs were filmed over San Antonio,Tx.. As I SKYWATCHING facing west I notice set of lights traveling sothwest high in altitued.I could clearly see these objects were not aircrafts .No […]