November 2012

UFOs Continue to Appear in Florida on 27-Nov-2012

  UFOs continue to appear in Southwest Florida. Bright orbs of light, often in triangle formation, have appeared on several occasions in Cape Coral and Fort Meyers during the month of November 2012. (Source:

UFO over Mexico City

  The video is made from several photos taken with a Canon PowerShot camera South of Mexico City. Could it be just a strange balloon? It could be, but it looks strange anyway. (Source: alejandro gomez chavez @ Youtube)

Strange night light ufos over Westlake Village, California on 11-Nov-2012

  Mufon reported: I was in the living room when my mom pointed out lights in the distance out the window. We went outside and viewed orangish, goldish lights accending. We immediately thought they were helicopters, but helicopters dont have a bright orange light on them. At one time there were as many as six […]