wales-ufo-sighting-30-november-2014Latest UFO sightings 2014 – New interesting video footage of a daytime UFO sighting recorded in the sky above South Wales, United Kingdom on 30th November 2014.

england-ufo-sightings-2014New amazing video footage of multiple UFO sightings recorded over England in 2014.

Poster said:
Amazing FOOTAGE of ufo near London filmed at 3 separate times.

liverpool-ufo-sighting-28-october-2014New amazing video footage of a colourful disc – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Liverpool, England on 28th October 2014.

belfast-ufo-sighting-18-october-2014New amazing video footage of a daytime UFO sighting over Belfast, UK on 18th October 2014.

Witness said:
All in the space of two days, over Belfast United Kingdom, Three different clips showing UFOs moving at incredible speeds.

swansea-ufo-sighting-11-october-2014New interesting video footage of a strange triangle – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Swansea, UK on 11th October 2014.

ufo-sighting-over-uk-16-september-2014New amazing video footage of a UGO sighting recorded from a plane flying over UK on 16th September 2014.

Poster said:
An airplane passenger returning home from a vacation in Greece caught some strange lights on video while in the air on approach to Cardiff, Wales. The sighting was reported by Wales Online. The video was apparently captured on the passenger’s cell phone late Tuesday night. The 29 year-old witness says his plane arrived in Cardiff at about 10 pm. He says the lights were very bright. In fact, he says, “it was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen.”

uk-crop-circle-august-2014New interesting video footage of tree Crop Circles reported in UK in August 2014.

Nettle Hill, nr Ansty, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Reported 16th August.
Ackling Dyke (2), nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd August
Ironwell Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th August.

liverpool-ufo-sighting-17-august-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Liverpool, UK on 17th August 2014.

Witness said:
After doing my summon in my back garden 10 minutes later this object past by it was a really bright object and there where no details apart from what looked like like a row of orbs!!

disk-shaped-ufo-transportation-ukNew amazing video footage of a disk – shaped transport over the highway near Cornwall, UK. What do you think this object was?

uk-crop-circle-august-2014New intereting video footage of few Crop Circles found in UK in August 2014.

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