UFO sightings

india-ufo-sighting-16-october-2014New amazing video footage of a bright disc – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Kochi, India on 16th October 2014.

Witness said:
In October of 2014, a very low and bright ufo has been recorded over the night skies of India. This recording took place at 1:30 am local time.

liverpool-ufo-sighting-28-october-2014New amazing video footage of a colourful disc – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Liverpool, England on 28th October 2014.

los-angeles-california-ufo-26-october-2014New amazing video footage of a bright disk – shaped UFO sighting recorded above Los Angeles, California on 26th October 2014.

Witness said:
I filmed this incredible cigar shaped ufo at Mac Arthur Park in Los Angeles CA this past Sunday October 26, 2104. As you’ll see in the video the ufo is elongated and tube shaped. Many might call this an Ebani ufo or flying snake. Prior to this sighting we had all gathered for a UFO Summoning Event with Robert Bingham at Mac Arthur Park. After the event fellow UFO Researcher Fausto Perez and I hung around and spotted this incredible ufo!

popocatepetl-mexico-ufo-sighting-26-october-2014New amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Vulcano Popocatepetl, Mexico on 26th October 2014.

australia-ufos-24-october-2014New amazing video footage of 7 UFO lights recorded in the sky above Taylors Hill, Australia on 24th October 2014.

Witness said:
4 UFOs join a separate group of 3 UFOs to form a group of 7 UFOs in close formation; witnessed within 200m of my house in Taylors Hill, Australia.

clovis-ufo-sighting-october-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Clovis, California in October 2014.

A man in Clovis, Califronia, part of greater Fresno, recorded strange, bright orbs of light hovering in the night sky. Very similar UFO sightings are appearing all over the world.

multiple-ufos-above-zagreb-croatia-22-october-2014New amazing video footage of a triangle – shaped UFO sighting recorded above Zagreb, Croatia on 22nd October 2014.

Witness said:
We present a spectacular video recorded in the Republic of Croatia, exactly in the city of Zagreb. The event took place on the evening of October 22, 2014. A resident witnessed an amazing UFO sighting, and was able to record the entire scene, in which three spheres of light arranged in a triangle, having been stationed in the sky for several minutes, each move away in different directions, disappearing into thin air.

paris-ufo-sighting-october-2014New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Eiffel Tower, Paris in October 2014.

Poster said:
In this video a young girl was recording group of friends people having a good time at the famous Eiffel Tower. In the background along the horizon, you can see three UFOs flying to frame. These UFOs were not noticed in person. As the person recorded was focusing in on the group of friends enjoying themselves. These UFOs are fast flying and were only noticed by the person recording much later when viewing the video. The first UFO seems like it could be a plane, but clearly, the UFOs move fast and behaves differently when flying. These objects do not appear to be planes flying about in the night sky. To the far right one UFO seemingly falls and flies erratic as it heads down to the right side of the Eiffel Tower. The UFO almost appears to be floating down. The other UFOs veer off to the left of the famous tower, and they seemingly begin to fizzle out. This UFO video is very interesting. Special thanks to our french friends who are loyal viewers of LookNowTV, we appreciate the continued support by submitting such mysterious footage!

france-ufo-sighting-20-october-2014New interesting video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the sky above Paris, France on 20th October 2014.

iss-space-nasa-21-october-2014-ufo-sightingsNew amazing video footage of multiple UFO sightings recorded on ISS live cam on 21st October 2014.

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