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earth-like-planetOn April 17, 2014, scientists working with data from the Kepler Space Telescope announced the discovery of the first Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of it’s star. The planet, Kepler-186f, is a rocky world only 10% larger than Earth. Never before has a planet so close to Earth in size, and therefore gravity, been found in the habitable zone where liquid water can exist. “This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. The results are absolutely rock solid,” said University of California, Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy via email. The discovery suggests that many more such earth-like planets will be discovered in the near future.

Things to avoid  

Do not use the camera of a phone. In case, a phone-camera is the only option one has, there an option to getting the UFO sighting; focus and concentrate on the UFO maximally, putting all senses together for a detailed observation. The first thing to do while observing is to make a mental note of time of the day, the location of the sighting the witness, as well as the weather conditions. Subsequently, take note of the objects characteristics such as the shape, colour, size, the direction of its travel and its intensity. The phone camera has a truly low power to capture a UFO object accurately. Even if the camera is highly powerful, it might have dirt on its lens due to pocketing and handling.

Many website contain multiples of ‘photos’ (swooshes), which are out focuses, pixilated and multicoloured.  People confidently refer to these images as their UFO sightings, when one can deduce nothing from it. A detailed description would even be better than having a splash as a UFO sighting. Others are introducing fake UFO sightings in a photo using the widely available photo editing applications.

The basic line is that the use of phone cameras to shoot a UFO objects has failed over time. Thousands of phone camera captured UFO objects are misleading and not useful at all. Only a few of them are sensible. Although some critics will argue that a phone camera image is better than nothing, there can not be a straight agreement with them- it is a no and a yes at the same time. In some instances, such photos only boost unnecessary mess to the pool of testimony, giving skeptics a wider chance of arguments. One should remember that the human eye stands out any camera despite their power. With human brains, the processing ability is better than a Smart phone’s. It is thus better use eyes than phone camera to capture a UFO sighting.

When to capture the UFO 

Assuming that one has an actual camera at the time of the UFO sighting, one should first and immediately enable its burst mode. One should avoid just taking many shots, but focusing on photos in 10…20…40 successions. Many shots (which are not successive) will only give a trajectory view of the object but also rule out the lazy entry level hoaxer, who will not spend time doctoring 20 individual photos.

More importantly, one should establish a clear frame of reference. For instance if the UFO object is floating above the horizon line, one should begin with a photo of the surroundings, including the horizon line and tree tops, as well as nearby landmarks and other important surroundings, which go a long to making the establishing photo. One should not worry in the case where the object is particularly small. One should consider, above all, the frame of reference which is crucial when analyzing a photo, for it determines many factors.

One should zoom in halfway and not all the way for the majority of cameras will track for a focus lock in a couple of seconds, while the target object may be moving away or vanishing. One should ensure to have midrange shots, changing the focus and firing other bursts. One should wash the images, rinse them and repeat.


Be relaxed and collected

One should look for solid structure and lean the body against it. It is vital to remember that even the most anti-shake cameras are not perfect, and thus, it is essential for one to ensure stability while shooting the sighting. The structure can be a post, wall, a street sign, and the roof of a car among others. Once one feels stable, and then this is the time to zoom in and take the money shot. The camera may take time while focusing on the distant object, but incase one is a camera whisper the focusing manually would be an option too. Most of the camera shoots are extremely complicated to focus manually. One should shoot on burst mode where and when possible. One should hold the camera tightly and remain calm and cool through out the shooting.

Luck is for the prepared

Tripod. Many camera people will not have a tripod in hand all the time. There comes a time when there is a need of it but it is not there. In a UFO sighting, one may not have time to set up a tripod since the sighting may not last for more than 30 seconds, which is not an enough time to set a tripod. Whatever the case, ones should have a film ready in the camera, for footage will be of higher resolution than a digital camera. One should have a camera always at disposal to avoid regret of lacking one in the event of a UFO sighting.

A shot in the dark

If it is dark during the UFO incident, this then becomes complicated for one to take a clear shot. If this happens, the first thing to do is to enable the night mode, the VR mode and steady shot in ones camera. One should remain steady and calm, and lean on a solid surface. One should restrict moving around for the more the movement the worse the focus.

The sound advice 

One should remain quite to allow recording of any sound from the UFO object. Many people will get overwhelmed and make overlapping noises, but it is advisable to remain calm and silent. The sounds of various UFO’s differ and thus easy to tell the UFO by hearing the sound. The sound is thus critical. What one is saying during the sighting may also differ from the recording. The verbal description can only be helpful during investigations.

Do not be deceived

One should spend good time analyzing the object in order to come up with a wide pool of conclusions about it. This will be vital if the sighting involves light pinpoint in the distance. One should not assume that what the camera gives is the accurate image. Cameras are not perfect and can lie.

The irony behind the truth

The world has believers and skeptics. There are many videos about UFO sightings flooding YouTube but are of poor quality. Many do not spend time watching such videos. People will only spend time on high definition UFO videos. The dilemma of this is that the higher the video quality, the higher the scrutiny. To sum it up, the higher the resolution the videos have the more people who will render it fake. It is thus essential to have eyewitnesses supporting the video metadata.

michigan-ufo-incident-1966-photo1Several policemen saw The Great Michigan UFO case, witnessed by over hundred witnesses. Many remember with the experience remember it but rarely discuss it within the community.

It was in March 1966, when seven witnesses reported that they had seen an unidentified flying object that was flying over the county of Washtenaw and Livingston. Before, the officials always dismissed the reports as being the work of cranks.  This time, however, the seven witnesses were sheriff’s deputies from the two counties and police officers.

They had a backing from over 100 witnesses, which included William Van Horn who was a civil defense director, together with several students who observed the football shaped object for several hours as it maneuvered near a local swamp, University of Michigan campus and a nearby airport.

The sighting was in March 14, and brought about an uproar, causing the area to go on a wild UFO pursuit. Three days later, at about 4 a.m. the Washtenaw county sheriff’s deputies, Deputy David Fitzpatrick and Sgt. Neil Schneider saw four or three white, red and green circular objects in Milan. The objects were glowing and oscillating near the area. They then called the Airport official, William Run who could not confirm with the radar.

On 20th of the same month, two more Washtenaw deputies, John Foster and Buford tried to follow similar objects in the county’s northern part. Residents from Monroe and Livingston also reported having seen the same objects.

The next day the News of Detroit had the police chase story together with a drawing of a quilted football shape drawing which had a dome, lights and antennae. Dexter patrolman Robert  confessed that he had seen an object flying at Quigley and Brand roads between 9:30 and 9:45 PM. He reported that the object that had green and red flashing lights, first came close to the ground and hovered above a scout car before another vehicle joined it as it ascended.

Washtenaw County Sheriff Douglas Harvey gave an order for all deputies to go to the scene. Three detectives and six patrol cars with two men in each enclosed the area. They later tried to chase a flying object at Island Lake Road but could not catch it.

michigan-ufo-incident-1966-photo2Frank Mannor and his family said that they saw the objects from their farm in McGuiness road. He said that he got within 500 yards of the object and that it was pyramid in shape. He also said that it had light in every side and something similar to a porthole.

It had no similarities with a flying saucer and had a coral-like surface. Frank said that he had never seen anything that resembles the object. The vehicle had light, which made it appear to be the length of a car. It also had a Hazy mist under it that as it continued to hang above the ground. Frank’s son, one of the Dexter High School track team together with his wife was the object witnesses.

The object went up to the tree tops and rested for some time before falling back to the ground. It kept changing colors, for example, white on the ground, blue, and red in the trees. It then fell down and changed colors again. The sounding was like that of a ricochet of bullet and a siren and had a real high frequency.

Frank contacted police officers, police chief Robert R. Taylor and Patrolman N.G Lee  who responded by coming to the firm. The officers had heard the noise and wanted to find out what it was. Lee thought it was an Ambulance.  Chief’s son, Robert also saw the vehicle at around 10:30 p.m. The vehicle fast moved slowly in the east direction before speeding up and going in the west, flashing white and red.

Washtenaw County Deputy Sheriff Buford also witnessed it. To them, it was like an arc and was round. They turned around and began to following to Dexter for almost five miles. It went towards the west then stopped. The vehicle, unfortunately, got lost in the trees either due to lights going off or it went off with a great speed. It was at 1,500 feet over the ground and moved at 100mph.

Carloads of the Michigan University and the Eastern Michigan University congregated around the area on hearing radio reports of the sightings. They asked Frank if it were a college Prank, but he denied saying that there were no pothole in the county, and he had never seen anything like that.  An Android college professor then offered a theory that the deputies could have been chasing the northern lights.

michigan-ufo-incident-1966-photo4On 23rd of March, many Dexter and Hillsdale residences saw several objects giving strange sounds and lights. A Monroe teen also reported of having taken photos of like a big black blob. The Air force ordered Blue book astronomer, and the UFO expert Dr. J. Allen Hynek, after the whirlwind probe that lasted two hours and forty five minutes. They, however, dismissed the sighting as a swamp gas.

Allen gave a description of marsh gases by the Dutch Astronomer. He said that the lights were like tiny flames often seen on the ground and at times merely floating. The flames moved to one place then suddenly appeared in another, giving people the illusion of motion. The colors kept alternating between blue green, red and yellow.

He added that the pranks with flares had bought excitements, and dismissed a photo as an exposure of the moon and Venus. Van horn form Hillsdale who grew up at the swamp edge could not believe Allen’s finding. He said that his reports ignored that the lights moved and that there was a convex surface between the lights.

Sightings of the UFO continued increasing in the area, but the copycat incidents seemed very vague. A Grand Haven man reported of having seen a UFO landing next to his home, but no one could believe him. Eastern Michigan University Police Chief John E. Hayes saw a Yipsilanti UFO but claimed it was a dry cleaning bag, which had a plastic cross on the open bottom that held several candles.

On 29th March, several sightings took place in Michigan. Some were from Oakland and Macomb counties, Bad Axe, Ann Arbor and Flint. Viewers included an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, police chief Ford Wallace of Linden and Richard Sober of Ann Arbor. The government in Washington was then urged to release all the information.

roswell-ufo-incident-photo-1The Roswell incident date back to 1947 when reports of an object crushing Roswell’s vicinity filled the air. Roswell is in New Mexico. Some witnesses claimed the object was an abnormal terrestrial spacecraft and that it crushed with its occupants, who the military personnel later recovered. However, the U.S military had a different story: the object was a high –altitude surveillance balloon which belonged to ‘Mogul’, a classified program. The military also maintained that the recovered was only debris from the balloon. Up to date, many theorists still believe that the United States government tried to cover up the UFO incident.

In July 2, 1947, during the night, Mac Brazel among other ranchers reportedly heard a loud bang near Corona in New Mexico. The following day Mac Brazel found peculiar crash debris on grounds of the Foster Ranch. On the 5th July, same year, in the same town of Corona, Mac heard about 3000 US dollar rewards for any debris of the crashed object.

Later on July 6th 1947 Mac showed some pieces of the wreckage to the Sherriff of Chaves County, George Wilcox. The sheriff made several calls to the Army Air Field, talking to Major Jesse Marcel who was the intelligence officer as at that time. Major Jesse showed up at the sheriff’s office, inspecting the wreckage, joined by the commanding officer, William Blanchard, who ordered a recovery of the wreckage. The military police later collected the wreckage and delivered it to Blanchard. The ultimate destination of the wreckage was Washington.

On the 7th of Jul 1947, Marcel collected more wreckage, which he showed his wife and son very early that morning. They were pink-purple materials with lavender symbols in the center section.

roswell-ufo-incident-photo-2Waking to July 8, 1947, the AP wire had information on the crushing of a UFO. The flying saucer version of the story did not go unpublished. Paper from west and Midwest like Chicago Daily News, the Roswell Daily, the San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Herald published it.

Some papers published the cover up story including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.

Among the witnesses of the incident, were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot, who testified of an object that they believed was an UFO flying disc. They explained how the object papered in the sky while they were relaxing on their porch. This was at about ten o’clock, and the object went from the southeast towards the northwest direction, in a high speed. They could see the object for about 45 seconds only. From their estimate, the speed of the object was 400 to 500 miles per hour. The couple reported what they had witnessed.

On July 9, 1947, officer from the military got to Brazel questioning him over his findings and gave him a revised version of his findings. The military also recovered every piece of the original information and made Brazel visit a radio station to give the revised version of the story. The Roswell daily published the new version of the incident.

Later in 1970, Jesse Marcel exposed the weather balloon announcement as a cover-up by the military. He later in 2004/2007 wrote a detailed book on events of the incident.

edward-snowden-ufoWith many evidences in place including UFO documents found by Snowden, it is clear that UFOs are in a highly advanced level compared to mankind. The government, however, is aware of this.

On the Friday of 5th July 2013, Snowden received asylum in Venezuela following the event that he possessed critical NSA surveillance documents. He also was the only source of such information (information on government secrets) to the world. Moreover, Snowden is very willing to share this information with the whole world.

Testifying of the Leaked UFO documents, Snowden was clear that the highest levels of government remained plan-less on how to handle the UFO’s. Even though the high level officials know that UFO’s are totally different from natural phenomena, or weather balloons, they still do not have a plan to handle the UFO’s. Given the opportunity and capability, Snowden said that the document would tell how certain these high officials are about how UFO’s are under the guidance of intelligence that is higher than human understanding.

Scientists are unable to access the data about these objects since the state considers ballistic missile and sonar tracking systems a top secret. However, according to contractors of DARPA, there exists a more intelligent and advanced species than Home sapiens (human beings). Snowden supports them and notes that it is possible, for the earth’s mantle condition remains stable even after billions and millions of years.

Further in his exposition, Snowden disclosed that outstanding and unexplainable UFO sightings were those of vehicles leaving the floor of the sea at hydrothermal vents and shooting directly towards the solar orbit.

Science show that extremophiles can thrive in different temperature somehow, unlike human beings, but them developing intelligence is not possible. Snowden disagreed with the argument that extremophiles’ intelligence develop faster than that of human beings. They confusion comes in because they do not have vicissitudes which plays a life impeding role in the surface, which in turn makes them seem to be faster than human beings.

Snowden also disclosed that the president communicates with them and thus gets updates every day on their activities. Analysts put it clearly that extremophiles’ technology is far much advanced than that of human beings. This is to mean that, in the event of any war between them and humans, chances are that they will win over us. Their brevity and technology gives them an upper hand.

ufo-salamThis is one of the most famous photos taken during the American flying saucer wave of 1952. It was taken by Shell Alpert, a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) seaman stationed at the USCG weather office in Salem, Massachusetts, on July 16. The USCG briefly investigated the case and issued a press release. Afterwards, the original negative was sent to Project Blue Book for analysis. The official air force report stated, “The photo was taken with a 4/5 Busch Pressman Camera . . . loaded with 4/5 super XX cut film. The photographer observed several lights which seemed to be wavering. He observed the lights for 5 or 6 seconds and grabbed the camera which had been on a nearby table.”

fresno-ufo-sighting-may-2013After we have published the UFO sighting in Fresno, California on 15ht May 2013, we have received some new UFO videos about the sighting. There have also been news videos about the event.

Here is the newest video

In the late December 1980, there were sequences of reports concerning on sightings of mysterious lights and alleged landing of a craft of unknown origin in the Redlessham forest. The different sequence sightings are the Rendlesham   Forest Incident. According to some Ufologists, the incident is a popular UFO event among the other events that have ever happened worldwide. In many cases, it compares with the Roswell incident, which was in the U.S.A, thus the name Britain’s Rosewell.

The Ministry of defense (MoD), however, said that there were no chances of any insecurity due to the incident. They went ahead to state that it was not a security matter. The proof found later showed that there was a considerable MoD involvement, hence leading to claims of a cover-up. To some, it was part of a lager pattern of information repression on the real nature of the unknown, flying objects, by both the British and the United States governments. The release of the file in 2001, however, only had on the internal communication and responses to inquiries from the public. This was enough to confirm whether the incident emerged with any seriousness due to the lack of in-depth investigation.

redlesham-forest-UFO-incidentThe Forest Commission is the owner of the forest, with 15 square kilometers or 3700 acres of coniferous plantation covering. Interspersing it is health land, wetland and broadleaved belts areas and is in the Suffolk County. The occurrence of the incident took place within the vicinity of two military bases. The bases include; the RAF Woodbridge that goes into the forest from the west together with the RAF Bentwaters, which is in the north of the forest

 During this time, the United States Military air force was using both of the bases. They were, therefore, under wing commander Colonel Gordon E. Williams. The commander at the base was Col Ted Conrad, whose deputy was Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt. The memo written by halt’s and his involvement in the sighting’s second night has given the credibility of the case.

Main events of the incident, which include the hypothetical landing, were in the forest, at about a mile east of the RAF Woodbridge. The Orford Ness lighthouse was approximately five miles east of the location. There have been several maps published by the commentators, of the various locations, and Google maps have the up to date aerial view of the region.

The events, according to the retired Sgt. John Burroughs (LE) happened in three successive December nights of 1980; 25th-26th, 26th -27th and 27th –28th. The memo by Halt, which is one of the primary proof suggests 27th other 26th as the first date. This not only brought confusion at that time but also to the later researchers. For instance, the MoD’s research and analysis of contemporary radar records

The strange lights, ported by a security patrol that was near the east gate of the RAF Woodbridge mark the night of 26 December 1980. The event tool place at around 3a.m, and the Servicemen at first thought it was a downed aircraft. They then got into the forest to investigate, where they saw a strange light, which was moving through the trees, and a bright light that came from an unknown object. The local police received a call to the scene some minutes after 4.00am.

The police, however, reported that they only saw the light from the Orford Ness lighthouse that was some miles away to the coast. Even though the place was an arable farm and hence had no animals, some of the reports given claim that the local farmyard animals were behaving in a state of fear. There were also three Servicemen sent to do an investigation. They came upon a bright and triangular object that was hovering in the woods silently, a number of feet to the ground.

The metallic object was conical in shape and suspended in a yellow mist. The object was hovering over the trees clearing and had a pulsating red and blue circle of light that was above it. One of the Servicemen made detailed notes of its appearance, copied the many symbols on its body and managed to touch its “warm” surface. A witness made a claim of seeing a landing gear of the object, triangular in shape, which left three impressions on the ground on the next day.

Unfortunately, there was threatening and debriefing of the pilots. They had an order to sign documents that were vowing silence. One of them claimed to have signed on a document that was claiming the UFO to be a lighthouse, under imparted force. Some reports gave a suggestion that they got the order to keep silent, with the warning “bullets are cheap”. The claim of Lieutenant Colonel Halt, in a 2008 interview for U.S. news channel CNN, was that to date he has not at been debriefed over the incident at any point  in his life.

 The Servicemen went back after daybreak on the 26 December morning, to the miniature clearing which was the object scene. They got three-minute impressions in a triangular pattern, together with broken branches of the nearby trees and the burned marks. They also took Plaster casts of the imprints, publicized in the television documentaries. The local police officers received a call at 10.30a.m, to observe the impression on the ground, which to them could have been of an animal.

In morning hours of 28 December 1980, the Servicemen returned to the spot with radio detectors even though there is a dispute in the significance of the readings they were able to obtain. Lt Col Charles I. Halt, the base deputy commander, made a personal investigation of the sightings and made a record of the events on a micro-cassette recorder. His investigations were next to the eastern edge of the forest.

The public first became aware of the report on the incident on 2 October 1983, when its publishing made, in the tabloid newspaper News of the world. It was at the course of this research that there was an observation of a flashing light, which was across the field to the east. There were also star-like lights in the sky to the south and north, with brightness, which appeared to beam down a steam of light time to time.

nazi-ufos2There have been claims that Nazi Germany attempted to develop advanced space craft before and during World War II. These advanced spacecrafts have come to be referred to as Nazi UFOs. Although there is no real evidence, the stories are associated with an ideology called esoteric Nazism. The ideology proposes the restoration of Nazi by supernatural means. This, however, is an unlikely possibility.

The earliest claim of sighting of Nazi UFOs was reported in the early 1950’s in an Italian newspaper. Later a German engineer gave two interviews in which he claimed that he had designed an aircraft that was being powered by circular plane of rotating turbines. He went ahead to say that the designs had been stolen. There were several discrepancies in the two interviews he gave which led to a lot of confusion as no one was able to verify the truth. In 1953, another German engineer by the name of Georg Klein claimed that he had seen designs of a non-rotating disk and a disk which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a fixed cockpit. He went further and identified the designs. There was an aeronautical engineer who claimed that the only crafts that could be attributed to flying saucers were those which were being designed by German at the end of the war.

Later claims went ahead to say that the society had come into contact with aliens and they were building the Nazi UFOs in an attempt to reach the aliens. When the Nazis were defeated this society moved to the Antarctica where they later vanished. Another claim is that the Germans collaborated with Axis powers i.e. Italy and Japan in advanced craft research. It goes ahead to state that the Germans had landed on the moon as early as 1942.

During the war the German had come up with technology that they used in creating their weapons and even aircrafts. They had superior aircrafts than the Allies. At the end of the war there were claims that the Germans had developed a secret superior weapon. Therefore, when the war ended the allies raided the Germans laboratories and did secret testing of the flying saucers hence the sightings of the Nazi UFOs.

nazi-ufosMany of the reports of Nazi UFOs can be traced back to a book written by a man named Rudolf Lusar. He had been a major in a German army technical unit. In his book, he claimed that a German engineer together with several other engineers one who was an Italian had been working on several disc shaped crafts. He also claims that one of the crafts was tested, and it reached an altitude of 39 000 feet in less than three minutes.

The man who probably took the research of Nazi UFOs seriously is a man named Nick Cook a respected aviation journalist. He visited most of the places mentioned in Rudolf Lusar’s book. He was able to connect the stories of Nazi UFOs designers to a man called Victor Schauberger. Nick Cook was able to verify that Victor was in fact one of the engineers. He concluded that if in fact Victor had been successful then his crafts had created an anti-gravity effect.

The truth about the Nazi UFOs remains a mystery although experimentation with the concept within the Reich is extremely possible.

richard-frenchSeveral people have witnessed UFOs for many years. Possibly the most convincing account of alien abduction is the Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter of 1961. This is majorly because of the fact that both husband and wife Barney and Betty had the same experience, only revealed through hypnosis, and their stories match up exactly to each other. This case has it all–being stalked and then taken aboard a UFO craft, missing periods, telepathic communication with the extraterrestrials having minds controlled during and afterward and the sight of small, human-like creatures.

Richard French, who is a former Air Force Lt.col, claimed to be ahead investigator of project Blue Book in the 1950s. His main job was to debunk false UFO reports. The 83-year-old retired Air Force gave testimony about his former job as a UFO debunker in 1952, in Washington D.C. during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure that had a panel of six ex-Congress members. He never thought to eyewitness what to him was like two extra-terrestrial beings doing some patch up on totally unknown craft.

Earlier, people saw two UFOs off the coast of St.John. French’s superior, because of that, ordered him to take an investigation of the UFO sighting. Arriving at the area of sighting, French saw approximately hundred people and several policemen standing around on the wharf, and looking at the water in astonishment.

French would recall on various things that he saw. He recalled of the clear waters that allowed them to view two round crafts. He said that the crafts were below the surface of the water, less than 20 feet from the shore, and were approximately 18 feet in diameter and around three feet thick. He also claimed to have noticed two aliens near the two ships, very thin, two or three fingers, light grey, around2-3 feet tall and having long arms.

He saw on how the ships begun to rise out of the water, and begun to accelerate to approximately 2,500 to 3,000 miles per hour, when they got to the surface of the water. He further saw them disappear but returned approximately 20 minutes later, and nearly stopped before they submerged to the water again. The two extra-terrestrials, once again were working something on the ship.

The two crafts then departed together after around 20 minutes and slowly surfaced to the water. They then accelerated at a very high speed. As the job of French was debunking UFO sightings, he just wrote a report in the Blue Book. He reported that, the incident involved on something that they knew not, and did not report on the presence of two aliens and the two UFOs.

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