UFO fleet over Covington, Tennessee in August 2014

  New interesting video footage of multiple dark UFOs recorded in the night sky above Covington, Tennessee in August 2014. Witness said: Watch video in full screen. UFO’s, In our airspace in Covington ‘Tn. around noon I video and snap pictures of many UFO’s and a big one formatting clouds and camouflaging themselves in the clouds […]

Glowing UFO lights over Nashville, Tennessee on 6th August 2013

  Latest UFO sightings – New photo of three glowing UFO lights while hovering in night sky above Nashville, Tennessee on 6th August 2013. Witness said: Here is a photo. Granted not a very good one from my iPhone. There was a formation of three lights flying in a triangle. It was about 9 pm on […]

Crop Circle discovered in Tennessee on 13th May 2013

  It was on May 13, 2013, which was on a Monday at 8AM, when a teenager got shocked on seeing a strange formation. The formation was in a hayfield that is next to his house, and the teenager had been inserting a letter from his mother into the mailbox in Tennessee. The formation was […]