sweden-ufo-sighting-30-october-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Partille, Sweden on 30th October 2014.

germany-sweden-crop-circle-august-2014New interesting video footage of Crop Circles found in Sweden and Germany in beginning of August 2014.

sweden-ufo-sept-2013UFO sightings 2013 – New video footage of a black UFO recorded in daytime sky above Sweden on 10th September 2013.

Witness said:
This baffling footage from sweden shows a dark circular object hovering then shooting off above a startled spectator who has recorded weird objects before. Witness states: I don’t care what people think about these things as they are dam real and when you witness this stuff you seem to doubt yourself and try not to believe it, what ever is in that smudgy spot up there has to be a saucer, some thick blackish fog is around it covering its identity, I’ve recorded enough, sent to numerous reporting centres with no reply, so without someone helping get radar proof there will be skeptics. Credits: Cameel Larsen

sweden-ufo-august-2013New amazing video footage of a pinky UFO light recorded while flying in the night sky across Linköping, Sweden on 4th August 2013.

Witness said:
This one was recorded 5 min after my previous upload.It was flying in the opposite direction as the other one. Equipment used: Sony Handycam CCD-TRV78E with IR mod

goteborg-sweden-ufo-2013UFO sightings – New amazing UFO video from Göteborg, Sweden recorded on 16th April 2013.

Witness said:
The potential UFO was seen somewhere around 20.45 (pm), we decided to head up to one of the nearby mountains which has a great view above Delsjön, Mölndal and Göteborg. The weather was not optimal for skywatching but we brought the gear with us just in case, as soon as we headed outside we saw a police helicopter that seemed to be heading our way, at one moment it even seemed to stop in mid-air then it took off and it did not return again. As we climbed the mountain the weather got much more cloudier and storm-like, it eventually started raining and the wind-draft was pretty strong to.

Just when we decided to head back home a giant pulsating light appeared above a mountain far away, it seemed to be something stationary in mid-air that did not show any signs of a mast or a pole, the object was really far away so if it was a pole there should had been a visible pole holding up the light since the object was really big. The lightsource from this light was very different from the other lights, it looked more like plasma.

Also the hill it is hovering above is tilted, considering how vertical the light appears to be above the hill/mountain it does not really make much sense regarding how a antenna or pole would be placed on top of a slanted mountain.

We believe that this was a genuine UFO that was hovering in mid-air for some unknown reason. The way it behaved is very similar to how the other recent UFOs we have recorded have been behaving.

delsjon-ufo-sighting-2013Recent UFO sightings – Interesting video footage of UFO lights above Delsjön, Sweden recorded on 3rd March 2013.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/saA87evznSE”

UFO sightings – New interesting video footage of an UFO sighting above Göteborg, Sweden recorded on 24th March 2013.goteborg-ufo-sightings-march-2013

Witness said:
This particular shapeshifting UFO=unidentified flying object (not necesseraly of ET origin) yet still a UFO appeared somewhere around 19.30 and 19-40 PM above the skies of Göteborg, we had been watching the skies for approximately two hours before the craft itself arrived (showed up), shortly before we recorded this an unknown helicopter that had been circling the mountain at a distance decided to leave the area. We both believe that this craft might be a shapeshifting UFO, or a craft that posses the technology to alter it´s shape or create the illusion of it “shifting” by implementing sophisticated hologram technology, if this is the first time you hear of this theory it might sound really wacky but please research the matter before you make up your mind regarding what you think of this sighting, there are tons of interesting material and objective research regarding these crafts. Some of the testimonies regarding shapeshifting UFO´s are even found in eyewitness accounts documented by the military in various countries, files which now have been made public.

sweden-ufo-lightsLatest UFO sightings – This video footage that shows some strange UFO lights above Delsjön in Delsjöområdet nature reserve, Sweden were recorded on 3rd March 2013.

Witness said:
This UFO was sighted around 19.30 pm in Delsjön, the craft appeared shortly after we had entered the woods, we were standing on a road where a lot of cars passes through the woods therefore i stopped recording on many occasions since the cars could have run us over if we did not look carefully at our surroundings, besides i did not want people to recognize us in case someone from the nearby police-stations would have a clue about who we are (they most likely already know though). Regardless we just did not want to cause any unwanted attention so i kept on taking the camera down during the recording when a person or car appeared, this is why you hear me say “fucking car” at one moment in the video.

The crafts moved from right to left and then to right again shortly before leaving the nature reserve, many blinking crafts which were probably military swarmed the skies after this shining craft showed up. After this event we decided to head to a nearby field and record with nightvision, we actually managed to record a lot of IR UFOs that are invisible to the naked eye, these orbs are everywhere in the skies. They move around and cross-paths and they are not visible to the human eye, it is quite fascinating to observe how much is truly going on in our skies just in front of our very eyes.



Latest UFO sightings – UFO shoots while Jeep review recording in Sweden in February 2013.

While watching the video you could see at about 7-8 second a strange UFO at an incredible speed that goes unnoticed above the speaker. A close up view shows that the object have a diamond or disk – like shape.

ufo-sweden-february-2013Soundless UFO recorded near Linköping, Sweden in February 2013.

Witness said:
This one did not make any sound at all and it has a red light on the back. I checked flightradar24 and it showed no air traffic at all over my area so my conclusion is UFO or some kind of Military aircraft.

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