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brazil-ufo-sighting-21-september-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Fortaleza, Brazil on 21st September 2014.

sao-paolo-ufo-brazil-9-september-2014New amazing UFO sightings video recorded in the daytime sky over Sao Paulo, Brazil on 9th September 2014.

venezuela-ufo-12-july-2014An amazing UFO sighting was reported near Raposa Serra do Sol, Venezuela in the daytime sky. The sighting was reported on 12th July 2014. In the photo you could see a gray object flying in the sky.


brazil-ufo-8-august-2014New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky above  San Pablo, Brazil on 8th August 2014.

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colombia-ufo-29-july-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Candelaria Valle Del Cauca, Colombia on 29th July 2014.

Witness said:
July 9, 2014 at 5:40 am. Recorded at 5:40 a.m. over Colombia. This footage shows something strange That is not mars and possibly not From this solar system! Is it ET? The witness Seems to think so! Whats your opinions on this video?

puerto-rico-ufo-20-june-2014-2Recent UFO sightings photo from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico on 20th June 2014.

Witness said:

I awoke looking out the widow of camper. I saw the sunrise with some clouds and just above the trees there was an object diamoned shape with the reflectjon of the rising sun shimmering off one side and on the shadow side the was what appeared to be a radar dish or as if it was opening. It was about 100 feet away and about 30 feet above the trees. Ther was also power lines nearby. No sound at all. I grabed my iPhone an took some pictures the videod it. I felt as if I didn’t believe my eyes, and a little purplexed. And excited all at once. I didn’t go outside because people were sleeping and the screen door makes a screeching noise when you open it and it was very early and we finished settling in late last night.


chile-red-ufo-18-july-2014New amazing video footage of two red UFOs leaving UFO shaped cloud over Chile ob 18th July 2014.

chile-ufo-june-2014New amazing video footage of a bright glowing UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Chile in June 2014.

chile-ufo-18-june-2014New interesting video footage of a recent cigar – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Santiago, Chile on 18th June 2014.

Witness said:
The object is recorded at a distance of 10 meters app with a size of approximately 1 meter. Very freak, shooting technique of the sky-fishing.



New amazing video footage of a diamond shaped UFO light recorded in the sky above Lima, Peru on 13th June 2014.

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