Amazing UFO light above Russia on 14th November 2014

  New amazing UFO light appeared above Russia on 14th November 2014. Witness said: Residents of the Sverdlovsk region experienced an unusual phenomenon: late-night dark sky suddenly lit fire outbreak. Blazing glow for a few seconds, and then disappeared.

UFO shows up on Russian TV in June 2014

  New amazing video footage of a dark disk – shaped UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Russia and transmitted on a Russian TV channel in June 2014. Do you think the video is real?

Russian Proton M rocket Taken out by UFO on 16th May 2014

  Amazing video footage of the flight of the Protom M – Russian rocket maybe hit by an UFO and reported by many on 16th May 2014. Witness said: Launch of Russian Proton-M Rocket with Ekspress-AM4R (Failure of Third Stage, Sat Lost). Was this caused by a UFO?