ohio-ufo-sighting-7-october-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Lorain County, Ohio on 7th October 2014.

Witness said:
Recorded approx 530am, October 7th, 2014, this is NOT a star, or a house, this is an Unidentified Flying Object, you were not here to see what we have seen AND recorded, so don’t be so quick to dismiss! We have seen ufos around this area 2 other times a few years back but we didn’t have a camera to record those at the time, now we do!

ohio-ufo-sighting-21-august-2014New interesting video footage of a dark UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Lakewood, Ohio on  20th of August 2014.

Witness said:
I was returning to work when I spotted so strange, slow moving object in the sky. I pulled out my camera and shot video. There was movement on the object, but no light or exhaust. Silent.

ohio-ufo-24-may-2014New amazing video footage of a strange UFO light flying in the night sky above Ohio during fireworks on 24th May 2014.

new-albany-ohio-ufo-11-april-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above New Albany, Ohio on 11th April 2014.

Witness said:
Strange activity over the Boone area of LA. Best Part Second Half! Fast moving lights with a static amount of energy glowing from them. Confused a witness records the incident as he is aware that it isn’t normal. fiery red objects some moving slow, some moving fast and others at over 150mph! The wind sure was not blowing at that speed lol thats for sure, also if they were military flairs they would of had illuminated its smoke trail and descend! So what are they? Military playing with citizens heads or Alien visitation!

newark-ohio-ufo-3-april-2014New interesting video footage of a glowing triangle – shaped UFO lights formation recorded in the night sky over Newark, Ohio on 3rd April 2014.

grove-city-ohio-ufo-6-july-2013Video footage of a strange UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Grove City, Ohio on 6th July 2013.

Witness said:
There was a spate of UFO sightings right across the U.S from the 2nd July onwards! This sighting is possibly the same as witnessed by hundred’s if not thousands! Recently there was reports relating to lights hovering and blinking on and off throughout the U.S.

cleveland-ohio-ufo-1-november-2013New amazing video footage of a strange UFO recorded in the sky above Cleveland, Ohio on 1st November 2013.

ohio-ufo-lights-10-oct-2013UFO sightings 2013 – New interesting video footage of multiple bright lights recorded in the night sky above Berea, Ohio on 10th October 2013.

Witness said:
I was driving home and I saw 20 to 30 of these lights int he sky that looked like a meteor shower but the lights were in roughly 3 groups of 10 or so objects. They moved in perfect formation and at the same exact speed. No trails from them like you’d see in a meteor shower nor were they falling. They were traveling.

newark-ohio-ufo-9th-october-2013New interesting video footage of a bright UFO recorded in the daytime sky over Newark, Ohio on 9th October 2013.

ohio-ufo-sighting-26-september-2013New interesting video footage of a small bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above Alliance, Ohio on 26th September 2013.

Witness said:
Me and two of my sons were traveling west on 619 when we saw the large white ball of light. We then headed south on Freshly toward the Wal-mart on State Street and used the phone to video it. We drove into the parking lot between JC Penny and the Dollar store and just watched it. It didn’t seem to be moving, and we couldn’t tell if it had been moving or just been stationary the whole time because we were moving in the car? There were 3 cars pulled over to the side on Freshly when we were headed toward state street and the people seemed to be pulled over looking at the same thing we were.

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