North Carolina

north-carolina-ufo-sighting-11-october-2014New amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Charlotte, North Carolina on 11th October 2014.

north-carolina-ufo-sightin-18-october-2014New amazing video footage of a two UFO sightings recorded over North Carolina on 17th October 2014.

Witness said:
Approximately 7PM EST on 10-17-2014, a friend and I observed lights that suddenly appeared, ascended, descended, and then began to behave erratically in the sky.

There were two occurrences (1 of 2 filmed) tied to this event. The first (unfilmed but observed) occurred approximately 7PM EST and was initially only one (1) light that was observed from an outside parking lot. The light suddenly appeared in the sky, and then descended before its view was obstructed by a building that was a few feet from us.

The second occurrence happened several minutes later where multiple lights appeared. This occurrence was both observed and filmed by us.

East of where we were standing, 3 lights appeared in the sky (approximately 1/4 mile from where we were.) Immediately after the three lights appeared, we quickly observed tails (almost like flames) behind them. The first thought was that it was a broken up fireball, until it was noticed all 3 had initially appeared, ascended, and then descended relatively in the same direction. It was then suggested that it was fireworks, but there was no noise associated with it. In addition, the objects looked more like flames were coming from then than sparks.

The objects began to zig-zag erratically, ascending and descending. On occasion a dark object could almost be seen above the glowing objects. The next thought was that it may have been parachutists night jumping with flares, but the objects looked too large, including the trail of flames/sparks. In addition, there are no landing fields anywhere East of our position where we were filming, and anything landing would have landed in the city. No planes were observed in the immediate area during this time frame; and parachutists have never been observed jumping and/or descending in this manner. It should also be pointed out that it was a calm evening with little to no wind.

Approximately 1-2 minutes later of observing the zig-zagging of the lights, the tails began to diminish, and a fourth light appeared East of the 3 lights. The three lights began to quickly slow down, and descend after the appearance of the 4th light. At one point, at least one light began to pulse a few times, before diminishing all together. After approximately another minute, all 3 lights diminished, and only the 4th light remained, where we observed it descend, ascend, zig-zag, turn, and then hover for a lengthy period of time before disappearing altogether.

We remained in the area for an additional 1/2 hour and never saw the lights reappear.

north-carolina-ufo-october-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the sky above Kernersville, North Carolina in October 2014.

north-carolina-ufo-17-august-2014New interesting video footage of a bright glowing UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Ocean Isle, North Carolina on 17th August 2014 and reported in local TV news.

north-carolina-ufo-april-2014Amazing video footage of a stunning UFO sighting above Nuclear Power Plant, North Carolina in April 2014.

Witness said:
Over a period of evenings in April 2014, the witness was able to observe and record incredible footage of an unknown object occupying the airspace directly above the Nuclear Plant in Cornelius, North Carolina. The witness sites that no sounds were detectable and the object moved in an erratic and unpredictable fashion and did not resemble the behaviour of any aircraft known to him.

New amazing UFO photo of some strange disk-shaped clouds taken over Raleigh, North Carolina on 30th January 2014. Maybe these are just clouds but the photo is so strange (perfect shape) that we published this in our UFO photos section.

Witness said:
I saw 4 disks in the clear sky. I took a very clear photo of what I witnessed. I was on the 10th floor of a tall office building when I walked out on the balcony to look at some unusual clouds. I was on an interview and was immediately called back in, but not before I could take a picture. I didn’t look at the picture until later that day when I remembered how strange it was. I looked at it closely and DID NOT alter it at all. I showed a few friends and family members and the feedback was all the same. Nobody could explain it at all! I’m completely baffled and really would like some answers to this strange sighting. The objects looked like disks with a hole in the center. One was extremely large. (Maybe the size of a Walmart store). The other three around it were much smaller but in a triangular formation and slightly above the larger one.


north-carolina-ufo-july-2013Latest UFO sightings – New interesting video footage recorded by two men over Shallotte, North Carolina  on 12th July 2013 and reported in local TV news.

north-carolina-ufo-june-2013New video footage of a bright UFO or orb recorded in the night time sky over Weaverville, North Carolina on 3rd June 2013.

Witness said:
Video clip of a bright, low-flying unidentified object spotted over Weaverville, NC. Video taken using 3rd generation military night vision equipment during a Starwatch night vision tour.

mooresville-ufo-sightings-2013Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video footage of  UFO lights above Mooresville, North Carolina recorded on 9th March 2013.

Witness said:
I was sitting with my neighbor on her back porch and asked her what were the 5 bright orange lights in the sky over the lake that seemed to shoot up from the ground and she said that she had never seen anything like that before. I asked if it could be possible that it was an emergency flare and she said no and explained why. I texted my husband to see if he was seeing this and he said he wasnt outside yet. And after about 3 min each one died out one by one. On my walk home approximately 30 min later my husband texted me with “your lights are back” and when I got to my front porch about 2 min later I could hear my husband say “What in the heck was that!” and he described to me the exact thing that I had witnessed earlier. About 25 minutes later we saw the lights start to ascend again and I called my friend who was about 2 miles away to ask if she is seeing this and she walked outside and said “OH MY GOD! What IS that!” and remained on the phone with her until they disappeared again, and this repeated for about 3 more times until about 10 orbs then ascended and then appeared to come much closer than the others (almost directly above us) and then disappear. About 10 or so min later I observed several planes in the air, could not tell if they were government or commercial. And finally I observed what I thought was a star at first quickly ascend and then remained in place for an hour before completely disappearing. During that hour I saw at least 2 orbs that flashed sequentially seem to fly almost like around the perimeter of the lake several times in quick and slow movements dipping and sliding like.

I also caught some of this on video with my camera phone and the strange thing was that the orange globes appear to be sequential flashing through my phone. Also, after trying to film the last appearance of the orange lights my phone would not allow me to film anymore due to not enough memory even though it actually had 8g of sd card space and 3g on the phone memory itself, and the battery seemed to drain quicker than normal.

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