North Carolina

Two UFO sightings over North Carolina on 17th October 2014

  New amazing video footage of a two UFO sightings recorded over North Carolina on 17th October 2014. Witness said: Approximately 7PM EST on 10-17-2014, a friend and I observed lights that suddenly appeared, ascended, descended, and then began to behave erratically in the sky. There were two occurrences (1 of 2 filmed) tied to this […]

Stunning UFO sighting above Nuclear Power Plant, North Carolina in April 2014

  Amazing video footage of a stunning UFO sighting above Nuclear Power Plant, North Carolina in April 2014. Witness said: Over a period of evenings in April 2014, the witness was able to observe and record incredible footage of an unknown object occupying the airspace directly above the Nuclear Plant in Cornelius, North Carolina. The […]

UFOs over Weaverville, North Carolina on 3rd June 2013

  New video footage of a bright UFO or orb recorded in the night time sky over Weaverville, North Carolina on 3rd June 2013. Witness said: Video clip of a bright, low-flying unidentified object spotted over Weaverville, NC. Video taken using 3rd generation military night vision equipment during a Starwatch night vision tour.

UFO over Mooresville, North Carolina on 9th March 2013

  Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video footage of  UFO lights above Mooresville, North Carolina recorded on 9th March 2013. Witness said: I was sitting with my neighbor on her back porch and asked her what were the 5 bright orange lights in the sky over the lake that seemed to shoot up from the […]