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new-york-ufo-sighting-october-2014New amazing video footage of two bright UFOs recorded in the daytime sky above New York City while flying in front of a helicopter in October 2014.

Witness said:
Two Ufos hover in front of a helicopter October, 2014.In this video you can see a helicopter hovering in one position observing two UFOs in the middle of New York City. The Ufos appear to be shining and they hover as well before veering off at a very high rate of speed. These couldn’t be birds or drones because drones and birds could never fly off that fast. They appear to be to orb shaped UFOs with a light source.

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new-york-ufo-sighting-6-october-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the night sky over Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York on 6th October 2014.

A tourist in Cherry Grove said he saw an unidentified flying object from his porch on Saturday night and he’s got video to prove it.

new-york-ufo-sighting-16-september-2014New amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded on a security cam over New York on 16th September 2014.

Case 59920, Newburgh, NY. 9:08 p.m., September 16, 2014. Witness caught object on sky cam. Under investigation.

new-york-ufo-sighting-8-august-2014New interesting video footage of a bright glowing UFO sighting recorded while flying around the skies of New York on 8th August 2014.

Witness said:
Strange light unidentified flying around the skies over New York! Is it a UFO? The witness seems to think so.

new-york-ufo-5-august-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO recorded while flying over New York City on 5th August 2014.

new-york-ufo-4-july-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO recorded in the daytime sky above New York City on 4th July 2014.

new-york-ufo-7-april-2014New amazing video footage of a recent UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above New York City on 27th April 2014.

Witness said:
The April 27, 2014 the skywatcher Melvin Harris in New York City received a record which clearly shows a disc-shaped object.

bronx-ufo-sighting-3-may-2014-thumbNew interesting UFO sighting photo of a strange UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Bronx, New York on 3rd May 2014.

Witness said:
As I was driving on the bruckner highway, about 6:12pm, I caught glimpse of what I believe was a small airplane that was about to land on the LaGuardia Airport near by. As I kept on driving, the figure stood hovering on my far right on the other side of the highway, as if it was following me or anyone who was able to see it. Which was kinda hard to see with the naked eyes, I then pulled over to try to track the figure that even hovering in the air for about 4 minutes now, and as I took the first picture the figure disappear right after, by just a blink of an eye. As you can see in the second picture it seem to be a figure with a aurora sort shield surrounding it , looking like white lights. And it looks like it is a entity that has a green jacket and the blank shadow on the location of the upper part of the figure.


new-york-ufo-january-2014Amazing video footage of a disc – shaped UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Jones Beach, New York in January 2014 during Aerobatics 2014.

Witness said:
Ufo sighting caught on tape while filming stunt plane AEROBATICS 2014! This remarkable Ufo Sighting was discovered in video tape footage of a Stunt Plane “Oracle” was performing Aerobatics during an air show. This video is being made public for the first time ever on LookNowTV in January 2014. The video was filmed at Jones Beach in, Long Island New York last summer. You can see the Ufo enter frame left, and exit frame right at a high rate of speed.

new-york-ufo-sighting-14-february-2014UFO sightings 2014 – New interesting video footage of a bright UFO recorded over Manhattan, New York, USA on 14th February 2014.

Witness said:
The object move over the roof line horizontally and vertically. At one point it descended out of our sight behind the rooftop of the building. I then moved to the top of the front stoop to gain height and re-spotted the object. I saw it move for a few seconds and then it descended further out of sight. At this point we all decided to run up to our building’s rooftop to get even higher off the ground in hope to capture it on video again. When we reached the top of our building we saw the object again. It was hovering in one spot and then it started to ascend. Then it moved to our right. Then it appeared to move in our direction slightly. That is when I saw a glare of pure white light with a tint of blue. I have seen something similar to to this glare on the HID lights of some cars. We observed the object move in a straight line to our right and then back to the left. It ascended and hovered and then descended behind the same building it was flying over. There were many things that helped distinguish this object over its surroundings. The clouds, lights on top of buildings, airplanes flying by, background city noise, even airplane engine noise. This thing made no sounds that we were able to pick up.

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