masachusetts-ufo-5-may-2014Witness said:
Large bright glowing orb above cloud level and several small birdlike objects seem to be divebombing the glowing object as it flys away. I went out for a hike at the Assabet River refuge in Stow, Mass. with my camera for wildlife photos when I happened to look up and saw a glowing ball of light quietly and quickly moving across the sky. I first thought maybe a meteor, then satellite or very high altitude balloon. It was solid white and disc-shaped continuously. I was surprised and amazed and decided to capture what I could on video. The object flew out of sight. On the video I later noticed smaller dark objects maneuvering nearby or around the orb. No idea what it was.

boston-ufo-lights-10-december-2013New video footage of some UFO lights recorded in the sky above Boston, Massachusetts on 10 December 2013.


New video footage of a UFO or orb recorded in the night sky above Wareham, Massachusetts on 14th August 2013.

Witness said:
I was on the beach about 9:30 at night when myself and a friend noticed 2 sets of red lights over the beach approx. 300-400 ft away and 50+/-ft above the water. They appeared to be leaving a marsh area behind the beach. They appeared red with a orange/white center that sort of glowed in fiery kind of way when they were close, and appeared completely red as they got further away. My initial thought was they looked like mini suns. They were steady in intensity and did not flicker or change color. The video shows them as being white at times but to the naked eye they were always red.

massachusetts-14-aug-2013-ufo-sightings2Approx. 2 minutes later a second set of lights appeared from the same location and followed the same trajectory out over the water. Neither sets of lights made any sound, moved slowly and smoothly over the water. I don’t know how big they really were but at my distance of 300-400 feet away they initially appeared to be about the size of a softball. There were six other witness to the sighting including a couple on the porch of the beach house behind us and 4 teenagers a little ways down the beach.

ufo-news-massachusetts-may-2013Quincy, Massachusetts in May 2013. What are  this strange objects? Are these UFOs or some mystery crafts?

Witness said:
A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen. Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so? “It’s frightening, not just weird, but frightening,” said one resident of the Wollaston section. It’s not the state or local police doing the flying, and the FAA is giving out little information, even to city officials. “It’s frustrating, it really is,” says City Councillor Brian Palmucci about his conversation with the FAA. “I specifically asked, ‘Is it a law enforcement flight? Can we tell people that?’

He said ‘no we can’t tell you that.’ Well then I asked that when folks call me can I at least tell them that it is something that they shouldn’t worry about, it’s something they shouldn’t be concerned with. He said, ‘I can’t tell you that.’”

Sources tell WBZ that the aircraft is not a drone, that it is manned, and FAA spokesman Jim Peters said, “we have to be very careful this time” concerning information. Even the Mayor has been kept in the dark. “We’re as frustrated as our constituents,” said Mayor Tom Koch, “we’d like to be able to give our citizens some answers, but we don’t have any answers.”

On 8th January 2013 residents of Amherst and Pelham reported a low-flying triangular UFO object (about 75 to 100 feet above the ground) moving slowly and silently between 5:45 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
From Bradley International Airport, in Windsor Locks, Conn., which is responsible for radar reports covering western Massachusetts reported to the local newspaper that there was nothing unusual in the sky above the Amherst-Pelham area during the time period when the UFO was seen. Now already two weeks passed from the event . As the Air Force suggested that the UFO reported over Massachusetts may have only been a huge cargo plane, but even they’re not sure.
So far, there’s no official explanation. More in the video.

On January 8, 2013, many people in Amherst, Massachusetts witnessed a diamond-shaped craft hovering 75-100 above the ground.

UFO sightings: UFO video from Easthampton, Massachusetts on 5-Jan-2013

Mufon Eyewitness account:
After turning onto East Street in Easthampton, MA from Route 5, I noticed what at first I thought to be a very strange-looking streetlight on the I-91 overpass as I began to pass under it. As I drove between the two overpasses, I looked upward to see a large fireball above my vehicle that seemed to be slowly drifting to the northeast. It made no noise. I slowed my rate of speed to watch but with traffic behind me, I was unable to stop and watch. I continued driving for a little less than a mile until I was able to pull onto Fort Hill Road in Easthampton. I looked to the northeast and witnessed two glowing orbs in the sky. As I took video on my cell phone, one of the orbs flickered and disappeared. One orb remained. Shortly after, another orb appeared below the remaining orb and appeared to ascend.

I have communicated with another witness who seems to have had a better vantage point than I, and may have additional information.

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