New video footage of a fleet of UFOs some in a triangle formation, appeared in the night sky above Perry Hall, Maryland on 31st May 2013.

Witness description:
Approx. 9:25-9:30 at night – at home, watching TV with Mom, when we hear Dad call, “Strange lights outside!” Immediately run out to see reddish orange, glowing orbs moving in a seamless, straight line, appearing over house line from SE. Four moved out first and continued in their direction, moved further away, then paused and formed a diamond shape. At this point I finally thought to go back in and grab my phone. Was able to record four more orbs moving into sight at same constant speed from same direction. Looked back to where original diamond had formed and it was gone. Mom ran back in house to grab binoculars – observed through them, they looked just like bright, orange, glowing orbs. Four orbs were moving steadily away to same place as previous four had made diamond formation. Made same diamond formation (too far away for my phone camera to pick up) and then disappeared. Did NOT move away – simply vanished. No sound made from them throughout. (In one video attached you can see two seem to vanish.)

The quality of this video was compromised when I uploaded it. In the original, at 00:17, you can clearly see three of them in the triangle. It’s definitely them. definitely not stupid Chinese lanterns.

maryland-ufo-april-2013UFO sightings – New interesting UFO sightings video over Dundalk, Maryland recorded on 10th April 2013.

Witness said:
Very beautiful, and positive frequency from it. Seemed as if they were having fun. The flight pattern was straight up to the sky, coming straight towards me at a alarming rate like nothing I have ever seen before, i thought it was a nuclear bomb! Then all of a sudden it reduces its speed and slightly turns like a motorcycle wood, then increases speed again and is headed to a whole other direction 90 degrees right of them. Then the spacecraft moved as if it wanted to be seen, was like a dish with top as usually interpreted. Blue lights circulating the dome and every turn a white light sparks, u can clearly see the shape of the objects because how clear it was! The blue was vibrant and different i liked it, im just a young man from baltimore i have a great video i promise on my life i will drop dead right now if im exaggerating anything, i am happy to experience something that the WHOLE WORLD is questionable about.

UFO sightings – UFO seen in Ocean City Region, Maryland on 12th January 2013

Reported by MUFON:

We were on a horse drawn carriage and I was taking pictures. The first shot with the horse was in the direction of the ocean. We made a U-turn as we passed the horse and the second photo of the birds was west of the horse. This picture was taken less than a minute after the first photo. I didn’t see the odd shape above the horse until I auto-enhanced the photo in Photoshop. The second photo may be the original image.




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