cigar-shaped-ufo-mars-28-april-2014UFO sightings – New amazing video footage of a bright cigar – shaped UFO sighting recorded over Mars by Curiosity on 28 April 2014.

Witness said:
Mars Curiosity A camera caught a cylinder shaped UFO The April 28, 2014, an object that is very similar to that caught the Russian probe Phobos 2 in 1989, an image that showed me the cosmonaut Popovich From an enormous marina cylinder that could be related to the cylindrical objects that have been recorded in the Popocatepetl volcano.

nasa-mars-ufo-sighting-14-juyl-2014New amazing video footage of a dark UFO caught by Curiosity Rover over Mars on 14th July 2014.

mars-rover-ufo-sighting-june-2014New amazing video footage of a bright glowing UFO recorded while hovering over Mars by NASA Rover in June 2014.

mars-ufo-sighting-21-may-2014New amazing video footage of a strange long UFO recorded by Curiosity Rover over Mars on 21st May 2014.

Witness said:
I was looking through todays Mars rover photos and found an object in the distance. This object matches the description of the UFO seen by the same rover on April 28, 2014 and on May 4, 2014. The end of the object is glowing due to the angle of the sunlight and the long body is lighter in color. When you add contrast and lighting you can see its detail of the body better. I have messaged NASA about this UFO in the two earlier sightings, however NASA refuses to answer.

glowing-light-mars-1-may-2014New amazing video footage of a bright glowing light recorded over Mars on 1st May 2014.

light-above-mars-april-2014New interesting video footage of a strange mysterious light recorded over Mars surface in April 2014.

mars-ufo-object-4-february-2014New amazing video footage of a strong white glowing UFO recorded on some rocks on Mars on 4th February 2014. What do you think this object is?

Source photo:

mars-ufo-january-2014New amazing UFO sighting recorded in the Mars sky by Mars Rover in the beginning of January 2014.

nasa-curiosity-ufo-photo-mars-21-aug-2013New amazing video footage found in the NASA archive and taken by Curiosity on Mars. This video was published on 21st August 2013.


UFO sightings – New video footage of some UFOs in the sky above Mars recorded by NASA Curiosity in May 2013.

Witness said:
Observing the sky with the green filter of it panoramic camera, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit came across a surprise: a streak across the sky. The streak, seen in the middle of this mosaic of images taken by the navigation and panoramic cameras, was probably the brightest object in the sky at the time.

Scientists theorize that the mystery line could be either a meteorite or one of seven out-of-commission spacecraft still orbiting Mars. Because the object appeared to move 4 degrees of an arc in 15 seconds it is probably not the Russian probes Mars 2, Mars 3, Mars 5, or Phobos 2; or the American probes Mariner 9 or Viking 1.

That leaves Viking 2, which has a polar orbit that would fit with the north-south orientation of the streak. In addition, only Viking 1 and 2 were left in orbits that could produce motion as fast as that seen by Spirit. Said Mark Lemmon, a rover team member from Texas A&M University, Texas.

“Is this the first image of a meteor on Mars, or an image of a spacecraft sent from another world during the dawn of our robotic space exploration program? We may never know, but we are still looking for clues.” Raw Image:…

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