illinois-ufo-sighting-9-september-2014New amazing video footage of a strange UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Jerseyville, Illinois on 9th September 2014.

illinois-ufo-sighting-26-may-2014New interesting video footage of a dark UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Lincolnwood, Illinois on 26th May 2014.

Witness said:
Chilling on patio on zero gravity chair and observed a fast moving object in the sky. Could be a bird but it moves pretty fast for one. I watched the video many times but I do not have programs to enhance the image. I can not tell what it is.


Interesting UFO photo of many UFO lights recorded in the night sky over Illinois on 21st January 2014.

Witness said:
On my drive to work, roughly 4 am Chicago time I saw strange lights almost immediately once I got out of my subdivision and onto a secondary road. Whilst driving west on 143 rd st. in Homer Glen from west of Parker rd to HWY i355 I was completely enamored by these strangely shaped beams of light. Once I got to the HWY I saw them more clearly. Just by luck I had my “good” cell phone with me and was able to snap a shot of the lights.

The lights did not move, they did not make noise. I observed them from some distance. I was on the HWY and they looked to be high in the sky off in the distance south of i355 @ archer ave. exit.

One was red-orange, one was white, one was yellow, and the others were very faint, but there seemed to be at least 4 and as many as 6 beams of light.

I first thought that the lights may be some chemical reaction of the gasses released into the atmosphere by the refinery, but then I saw the smoke from the refinery being blown away almost immediately escaping the smoke stack, and these lights were high above making it seem impossible that plumes of anything would go straight up because of the winds that morning.

My feelings were that of amazement. I don’t like to jump to conclusions as to what this may be. I am smart enough o realize that I do not know much about chemical reactions of gasses in the atmosphere and I also know nothing about aliens, or UFO sightings.

I lost sight of the object by the time I got to the i55 exit because I kept driving on my way to work.

illinois-ufo-5-january-2014New amazing video footage of some strange UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Joliet, Illinois on 5th January 2014.

Witness said:
Cross-like ojbect with lights appears to hover then fly slowly
Im a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. Im looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they mightve seen a UFO on Sunday evening. They were plowing lots around the Joliet Mall. The object appears to hover for five minutes over near Caton Farm Road in the Joliet Mall area. In the final minute of the video, the object moves eastward and overhead. It looks cross-shaped with lights on each end. Would someone please examine the video and tell me what they think it is? To me, it looks like it might be a drone.


virginia-illinois-usa-ufo-sighting-7-january-2014Latest UFO sightings 2014 – New interesting video footage of some UFO lights forming a triangle – formation in the night sky above Virginia, Illinois on 7th January 2014 at 8:30 PM.

Witness said:
At 8:30 pm my wife and I were traveling down Morgan st when I turned my head to the left and 3 large sets of strange reddish orange lights in the westrn part of the sky towards Beardstown. They were spread out in a triangle – formation. The light would apeared and would last about 3 seconds before they would disappear. As that light would go out at the same time next to it another light would begin to appear. This went on for a short while then as if there was nothing there they disappeared. I did manage to get sum video but it didn’t turn out very well.

illinois-ufo-24-december-2013New amazing video footage of a bright triangle – shaped UFO recorded in the sky above Naperville, Illinois on 24th December 2013.

Symbolic photo

Symbolic photo

I was in my backyard laying on my back in a screen-sided tent texting on my phone. I noticed the object when I looked away from my phone and saw it silently making its way southeast overhead. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing when I first saw it because I knew right away it was unlike any aircraft I have ever seen.

It was rectangular in shape and a silver-ish gray in color. It had red, green, and white lights strobing around the entire craft in a counter clockwise pattern. At first I thought it was flying south but as I watched it I noticed it was heading in a more southeast direction. It was going at what seemed to be a constant and relaxed speed, a bit slower than planes usually fly but not by much. A few times it looked as if it turned slightly transparent or invisible but the lights stayed the same, it was under cloud cover so I don’t think clouds were the culprit. It was completely silent and any plane or jet flying that low would have made noise. I felt calm and intrigued as I watched it.

It certainly didn’t seem like anything to be afraid of. I was going to get a video of it but the camera on my phone is horrible and wouldn’t have picked it up. I sat and watched it disappear as it flew out of sight. I sat there for a moment and questioned what I saw and came to the conclusion that it was something rather unusual. I lost sight of it because where I live there are a lot of trees and houses and I couldn’t see past them.

ufo-illinois-april-2013New video footage of an UFO hovering above Cottage Hills Madison County, Illinois recorded in April 2013.

Witness said:
I was in Cottage Hills IL. With my best friend facing east in my friends driveway, when all of a sudden we both noticed a strange light in the the sky. I immediatly took out my smartphone and began recording.Then all of a sudden above the original object. 3 more appeared in a formation. Note there is a local small airport. (Stl Regional Airport) less than 2 miles away from where I am standing, and these objects that are appearing.I lived there almost all my life. I know what small planes land there and the sounds the make.These objects were hovering silently. shortly after I did hear helicopters getting closer to the area where the objects were last seen. right about this time was the last time I saw the objects they just vanished. I am 100% convinced these objects were not man made. I am not the only person who seen the phenom. i posted the video on facebook and several of my friends seen the same light as i did from different locations. I first noticed the object cause of the size and light, and it not moving and flashing.

chicago-ufo-sightings-march-2013Recent UFO video – New video footage of an UFO or orb hovering Chicago, Illinois recorded on 28th March 2013 at 2:45 pm.

Witness said:
Watch in 1080. Sorry no edge detection this time. You be the judge. FYI this thing is at least 15,000k feet up and prolly as big as a leer jet. Stayed in same place for a while then disappeared. I try and view thru a small 2 inch view finder and sometimes the object is not as easy to see in the lil screen compared to my eye. Sorry bout the shaky film try to do my best cleaning it up post production. It you are not sure of the angle or need comparison watch a few of my other vids its all from the same angle in my back yard. My Sony CRX 150 is on manual zoom infinity focus. I can make out distinct features of most craft except this. Idk tho…. Seems to look like the same thing I’ve seen multiple times. I am going to dub it the Forest Park Flob, short for this flying blob of energy or mass that seems to have personality and intelligence even tho it is just a flying blob. Some say its angelic, possibly, but if that’s true then there must be numerous remedial lemurs out there too.

tinley-park-lightsThe world today are awash of various things that come to its atmospheric space from other parts of the universe to which scientists have wondered and still continue to ponder about their origins. In the recent past a lot of news have been spread talking about UFO sightings. Probably the best question that one can possibly ask is, “Are these UFOs of any threat to the society?” “What could be the reasons for their appearances in the skies?” these and many more stories have been found exiting to the general public. Tinley Park Lights refers to a series of mass UFO sightings that occurred over some specific time. The first to occur was on August 21, 2004 and was later followed by another one on October 31, 2004, approximately two months later. On October 1, 2005 another UFO sighting was seen at Tinley Park with a subsequent one which followed on October 31, 2006.

These objects believed to be UFO sightings were slowly moving in formations that approximately lasted 30 minutes. From Tinley Park, these sightings could be viewed all round from 12 miles distance. To this extent again, no clear definition has been found for these objects usually sighted flying into the earth’s atmosphere from outer spaces. This article seeks top address some of the issues revolving around UFO sightings, specifically, on their nature, origins and possible threats if any. The Tinley Park sightings is one of the best ever recorded mass UFO sighting. The Tinley Park Lights attracted much attention nationally and internationally as it was featured in the dateline NBC and UFO Hunters shows. The appearance of the Tinley Park Lights UFO sightings is recorded by the witnesses to have been in a triangular formation as it moved slowly towards the east.

Scientists have therefore realized that the world is being visited by strange objects that we do not know of. The UFOs can range from the meteorites to tiny objects that just fall free style from the outer space of the universe into the world. Researchers who have been interested in investigating the Tinley Park Lights UFO sightings have had to contend that this sighting was one of the best documented. This is because there are numerous pieces of footage pictures taken by the witnesses from which the researchers can borrow from.While we are used to meteorites with their havoc and life threatening incidences in case they fall on a residential place, we certainly have no clear idea about UFOs, some that diminish as soon as they are spotted. There has been an influx of new reports and interest in more findings about the Tinley Park Lights.

Interestingly however, is that these objects have been there for a long time such that in some cultures they are associated with happenings in the society. For instance, some African cultures associate UFO sightings with strange occurrences about to happen. Even to this date, such beliefs are upheld amongst such people. On the contrary, among civilized societies like in America and other western nations, occurrences of UFO sightings are taken as basic occurrences just like any other.

In most cases, UFO sightings are spotted during the night time due to their highly illuminating lights. This strange light in the sky is what attracts people to it and is what differentiates it from the other known sources of atmospheric light like the stars. It so happens that the Tinley Park Lights in most occasions happened when the viewers were many. For instance, when families were out enjoying the evenings with their children. What still stands is that certain occurrences are just beyond the comprehension of man. Though trial tests are underway, the universe is just full of strange things the earthly planet has not been exposed to.

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