denver-ufo-4-july-2014New amazing video footage of a strange UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Denver, Colorado on 4th July 2014.

Witness said:
Denver Strange Lights (UFO’s?) On July 4, 2014 at 9:34PM, we were watching fireworks in Denver. Suddenly we see strange orbs of light flying around, turning on …Weird lights over Denver on July 4th 2014, UFO? via YouTube Capture.


New interesting video footage of a UFO or orb lights recorded in the night sky above Colorado, USA on 11th January 2014.

Witness said:
There were 4 BRIGHT red orbs. I cant say for sure that I saw them take off, but they did all come from the same area and seem to be very low to the ground and go higher and higher.
They changed directions, one stayed still, but all disappeared. I have seen many other orbs disappear into nothingness in the past, but have never seen one that was red.
I got video of all but the first one, but the first one was truly the most incredible sighting out of the 4. Below is a link to one of the 2 videos I filmed.


colorado-ufo-sighting-sept-2013New amazing video footage of a UFO recorded in daytime sky above Colorado Springs, Colorado on 6th September 2013.


New amazing video footage of two UFOs taken while recording Colorado forest on 28th July 2013. The photographer didn’t saw the UFOs with his eyes on the place. They were just seen while he got home and watched the videos / photos on his computer.

colorado-ufo-july-2013Video footage of a fast bright UFO or orb recorded during a concert at Fiddlers Green, Colorado on 15th July 2013.

Witness said:
On July 15th 2013, a little after 9pm, at a concert at Fiddlers Green, with my husband, I noticed an object traveling very fast towards the venue from the Northwest. There had been several airplanes flying overhead occasionally, however, this did not look or move like a plane or a helicopter. Right after I noticed it, the craft slowed down and hovered for a few seconds, then it circled around back and forth on the West side of Fiddlers Green. I immediately thought it was something odd and turned my husbands attention to it so he could tell me what he thought. He also thought it was something odd, and not just a plane or helicopter. We had never seen anything identifiable move in all directions like that. When it was at its closest point to us we could both clearly see its green, blue, red and white lights pulsating and definitely saw it spinning. You can hear me say it in the video. I started recording after viewing it for about a minute and a half. The object seemed curious, as if it were scouting the area, particularly the venue we were at. After circling a couple of times it headed back Northwest out of our sight. I couldn’t decide if it was something military or something “not of this world”. I have been very interested in unexplained phenomenon for many years, so I have been excited and curious to find out what it is we actually witnessed, and if anyone else witnessed it. I was completely sober, unlike many of the people there at the concert, so my vision and perception of what I saw was definitely clear.

colorado-ufo-lights-july-2013Latest UFO sightings – New interesting video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded over Commerce City, Colorado on 4th July 2013.

Witness said:
There were three round balls of bright white light in the formation of a triangle. Spinning at a constant uniform speed. Balls of light separated from formation and disappeared. Preparing to watch firworks show at Dicks Sproting Goods Statium im Commerce City Co. Object was above houses acroos the street from my location. I would say it was about the heigth of a high power tention line tower.

ufo-colorado-february-2013UFO photos - UFO above Colorado on 15th January 2013.

Witness said:
“I did not notice the object until I had downloaded my pictures onto my PC, then realised that there was this object farther off than the pile of wood in front of me. The sky was burnt orange and the object is bell shaped on the top with a rim and then a lower section that is tapered. The UFO looks like others that I have seen in UFO programs. It is not a bug as it is beyond the closed object in my shot.”

More photos:

ufo-fly-near-airplane-denver-coloradoUFO flys neat commercial airliner above Denver, Colorado in February 2013.

Witness said:
I am on the lookout for UFOs, I shoot a lot of planes looking for anomalous objects. This time i was recording a commercial jet flying over my head and then out of no where a really fast object flys through my line of sight with the video camera. When the object flew past the camera line of sight, the camera was focused to infinity so this could not have been a really close object because if it were a little object that was close to the camera it would be barelly visible it would look about like a darker spot on the camera and would not have a defenite visible shape with the focus set to infinity. My camera shoots 60p frames a second so I have saved all the frames in which the object crosses the field of view, all in all i have about 18 frames of this oject that i will upload, these are original frames in high defenition not this Youtube low quality video. So yes I believe this might be a UFO and not a bird I did not see wings flapping, this object crossed the video frame in about a 1/3 of a second. This ufo seems familiar to the one that was recorded and broadcast on FOX news in Denver in November 2012. (video copyright e320e98u @ Youtube).

UFO video – UFO over East Denver, Colorado taken on 22th January 2013

Witness says:
This UFO was captured over Eastern Colorado: 3 Nights in a Row! Finally got to grab the video camera on the third night!


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