brazil-ufo-8-august-2014New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky above  San Pablo, Brazil on 8th August 2014.

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brazil-ufo-sighting-19-march-2014New amazing video footage of two bright UFO lights recorded in the daytime sky above Brazil on 19th March 2014.

ufo-brazil-motorcrossNew interesting video footage of a strange UFO recorded while recording a motocross racing over Bauru, Brazil on 24th February 2014.

Witness said:
During filming in motocross racing in February 2014 in the city of Bauru SP, with a GoPro HERO 2 camera placed on the ground, we were surprised by an unidentified object in very strange situation of flight “without any parameters known for conventional aircraft” in the sky in the same way that instant entered sena he left, very strange …

brazil-ufo-light-24-january-2014New interesting video footage of a strange UFO sighting recorded by Emanuel Uzza in the night sky above Brazil on 24th January 2014. In this 6 minutes video you will see an strange UFO light that is changing it’s shape while descending.

brazil-ufo-18-december-2013Amazing vide footage of a dark cigar – shaped UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Brazil on 18th December 2013.

brazil-ufo-sighting-16-december-2013New video footage of a bright hovering UFO light recorded in the night sky above Ibiuna, São Paulo, Brazil on 16th December 2013.

Witness said.
Group CPUR this researching and studying these objects that undergo planes it has the same LEDs but not plane and then then they go unnoticed by us have pictures of the same objects flashing when we edit photos video was not a surprise and Aircraft but an unknown object ufologists attention not let pass unnoticed any movement in the sky.

brazil-crop-circle-2-november-2013News said:
A crop circle has made ​​its appearance in the south of Brazil, exactly in the fields around the town of Ipuaçu. Journalists, TV and fans are interested in the appearance of the meaning of the formation that appeared on the night of Saturday, November 2, 2013. It sits within a field of wheat. The same journalists were consulted and interviewed many people, then the farmer and owner of the field who marvels of the appearance of this strange design. The Ufologist Brazilian Ivo Dhol said on local television that the training has a diameter of about 70 meters and a design too perfect to have been created by someone. The locals believe that to create this pictogram have been UFOs.


ufo-brazil-7th-may-1952The photos captured in Barra da Tijuca Brazil on May 7, 1952 have been debated since they originally appeared in an “Extra” feature booklet with the May 1952 issue of “O Cruziero” magazine. The strange object came from the sea, with great speed, and was viewed for over a minute. It was gray-blue, absolutely silent and without a trace of smoke or flames.

brazil-ufo-18-sept-2013New amazing video footage of a UFO recorded in daytime sky above Itumbiara near Ponte Afonso Penna, Brazil on 18th September 2013.

Witness said:
A OVNI or UFO was sighted in Itumbiara on 18th September 2013 next to Ponte Afonso Penna, Brazil. The images are amazing and now were seen in infra-red to further facilitate the visualisation of the object.

brazil-ufo-sighting-25-aug-2013UFO sightings 2013 – New video footage of a UFO or orb recorded in daytime sky above Southern Minas, Brazil on 25th August 2013.

Witness said:
Images recorded by four teenagers on Sunday (26) in Three Points (MG) raise doubts about the supposed appearance of a flying saucer in southern Minas. The video was uploaded by Internet users Lais Aparecida da Silva Correia to the “Vc in G1.” Images were recorded around 15h in the backyard of a house in the neighborhood Philadelphia, where the children played in the yard with a camera.

In the video, the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) appears between the clouds. When kids drive the zoom of the equipment, the object is in focus for a few seconds in the center of the screen. Shortly after, the object disappears quickly. During recording, you can hear the expression of astonishment adolescents. “You can see just right.’s A ship, I’m sure.” Say the children.

According to the lawyer Lais Aparecida da Silva Correia, who uploaded the video, everyone was scared after recording. “They saw something strange in the sky and began to shout. Then they called adults. Seems quite a ship. We thought best to send the video to know what actually it is,” she said.

The report of the G1 southern Minas contacted by email with a spokesperson for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), but until this publication has not received feedback on registering a UFO in airspace South of Minas Gerais.

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