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spacing-out-95A former Lockheed Martin scientist says there are aliens and UFOs at Area 51, and he says he has the photos to prove it. Jason McClellan also presents a story quite fitting for Halloween about UFOs and spiders. That and other space and UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out!

boyd-bushmanShortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin.

area51-ufo-july-2014New amazing video footage recorded of a UFO sighting by a tourist driving by The Area 51 in July 2014.

Witness said:
A tourist films a UFO from a bus window while traveling through Nevada, July 2014. Sandra Q. sent us this tape. She said she was filming out of the window of the bus and saw something fly past really fast. She assumed the object was just a bird or debris. She added that the object went so fast she really did not react besides trying to film in the direction it flew off in. She zooms in on top of the mountain, but the UFO flew past it already. When Sandra reviewed the tape, she quickly realized that she filmed a real UFO.

Interesting video about Area S4 by Bob Lazar.

ara-51-interviewIt has been 25 years to the day since a live interview with a shadowy guy named “Dennis” changed everything for America’s most secret military base. “Dennis” turned out later to be a man named Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked at a secret facility built into a mountainside just south of Area 51’s main facilities.

area-51-ufo-sightingPoster said:
My investigations usually concern objects found outside Earth’s atmosphere but this project is totally different. When people talk about Area 51 they want to know one thing in particular: Are there or are there not U.F.O. (hidden) at Area 51? For decades no one was able to answer this question There were “some” indications (e.g. film – & photomaterial) that suggested U.F.O. activity at Area 51 but there was no evidence. In 2014 we finally can answer this question.

YES there is at least one U.F.O. (U(nknown) F(lying) O(bject) but not necessarily an alien craft. This video offers evidence for the U.S. secret UFO program. (Note: The original video was filmed in 1991).

Area 51, known for its top secret projects, is located in between mountains and heavily guarded. They literally keep spectators at a safe distance of a few miles and a light sensitive camera or telescope is required to show these U.F.O., which when filmed mostly are visible as tiny bright (flashing) moving specks and without any details. Very few people managed to film these mysterious craft that have wings and make no sound when they fly. There are no daytime recordings of U.F.O. at Area 51 as this military installation becomes only active after nightfall.

There is not much (good) video material around but this one video, shot by a “tourist”, early nineties, shows alot more than the U.S. military intented to show.

Like every other video of Area 51, the U.F.O. in this video also starts with a tiny white speck. It was also filmed from a few miles distance from the airbase but what makes this video different is that it is a relatively long sequence with the UFO hovering and not fast moving. I managed to fully stabilize the hovering U.F.O. and bring out some incredible details. I will take you through the enhancement process step by step, in order to show you that this material (U.F.O.) is genuine.

The U.F.O. shown in this video does not have to be alien or to be based on reverse engineered alien technology but you will have to admit after watching the video and having seen the images that the craft is “something very different” and does not look like any normal helicopter, airplane or drone.

area-52The show investigates the Dugway Proving Ground, a remote military testing facility near Dugway, Utah, and examine the reports of UFO activity that has surrounded the site for the past 10 years — leading some UFO watchers to dub it “Area 52″ and “The New Area 51.”

Dugway’s mission is to test, implement US and Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems in a secure and isolated environment. DPG also serves as a facility for US Army Reserve and US National Guard maneuver training, and US Air Force flight tests–mostly from nearby Hill Air Force Base in Ogden. DPG is controlled by the United States Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). The area has also been used by Army special forces for training in preparation for deployments to the War in Afghanistan and alien environments, including Colombia and Mars.

In March 1968, 6,249 sheep died in Skull Valley, an area nearly thirty miles from Dugway’s testing sites. When examined, the sheep were found to have been poisoned by an organophosphate chemical. The sickening of the sheep, known as the Dugway sheep incident, coincided with several open-air tests of the nerve agent VX at Dugway. Local attention focused on the Army, which initially denied that VX had caused the deaths, instead blaming the local use of organophosphate pesticides on crops. Necropsies conducted on the dead sheep later definitively identified the presence of VX. The Army never admitted liability, but did pay the ranchers for their losses. On the official record, the claim was for 4,372 “disabled” sheep, of which about 2,150 were either killed outright by the VX exposure or were so critically injured that they needed to be euthanized on-site by veterinarians. Another 1,877 sheep were “temporarily” injured, or showed no signs of injury but were not marketable due to their potential exposure. All of the exposed sheep that survived the initial exposure were eventually euthanized by the ranchers, since even the potential for exposure had rendered the sheep permanently unsalable for either meat or wool.

The incident, coinciding with the birth of the environmental movement and anti-Vietnam War protests, created an uproar in Utah and the international community. The incident also starkly underscored the inherent unpredictability of air-dispersal of chemical warfare agents, as well as the extreme lethality of next-generation persistent nerve agents at even extremely low concentrations.

Following the public attention drawn to Area 51 in the early 1990s, UFOlogists and concerned citizens have suggested that whatever covert operations, if any, may have been underway at that location were subsequently transferred to DPG.

The Deseret News reported that Dave Rosenfeld, president of Utah UFO Hunters, stated:
” “Numerous UFOs have been stored and reported in the area in and around Dugway…[military aircraft can't account for] all the unknowns seen in the area. It might be that our star visitors are keeping an eye on Dugway too…[Dugway is] the new area 51. And probably the new military spaceport.

bill-clintonThe former United States president appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He ended up discussing, among other things, extraterrestrial life.

area-51-interviewInteresting video interview by government officials about Area 51 and UFOs from 1997.

paul-h-utzPaul H. Utz talks about his father, Paul A. Utz, who worked as a high-level engineer in Area 51 and had a “Q” clearance. His father had always claimed that he was an Optical Engineer working in Area 51, but on a meeting outside the US he told his son that he was actually working on a new kind of energy source. This testimony is included, in part, to show the devastating effects of secrecy on individuals and their families.

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