Future Human Evolution During Space Travel And What We Might Look Like

  Human beings have been fascinated with the unknown of space for thousands of years and more recently, traveling to other worlds. We have sent satellites to distant planets and received images of places you thought only existed in our dreams or nightmares. NASA along with other agency’s are working around the clock to get […]


Rockefeller Museum hides Alien Artifacts From Jerusalem

  Remarkable ancient relics have been discovered, that could totally rewrite Egyptian history. The artifacts, which were discovered in a former home of Sir William Petrie in Jerusalem, were allegedly taken by representatives of the Rockefeller Museum, shortly after the discovery became known.

Spacing out – EP95 – There are ALIENS and UFOs at Area 51

  A former Lockheed Martin scientist says there are aliens and UFOs at Area 51, and he says he has the photos to prove it. Jason McClellan also presents a story quite fitting for Halloween about UFOs and spiders. That and other space and UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out!

Ancient Aliens S07E05 – Aliens & Superheroes

  There are many accounts of supernatural human beings throughout ancient history. Might these “superheroes” actually be otherworldly beings that visited Earth? Could these beings have inspired the modern superhero? Marvel superhero hero Thor is derived straight from the legends of ancient Norse mythology, but where did ancient Scandinavians find the inspiration for Thor and other […]

Ancient Aliens S07E04 – Alien Encounters

  Stories of strange encounters accompany many of history’s major events. Is it merely coincidence? Or might it be evidence of extraterrestrial intervention? In ancient myths from cultures around the globe, gods are often portrayed intervening in human affairs. The Sumerian gods are said to have created mankind; the Hebrews believe God gave Moses man’s […]

Ancient Aliens S07E03 – The God Particle

  New episode of Ancient Aliens S07E03 – The God Particle. It has been called the key to the universe and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough of all time. Could the so-called “God Particle” reveal the truth about our origins? And might clues to its significance have been left here on Earth thousands of years […]